Statement On How We Are Handling Unstable Variants

Ben Bleiweiss has some important news about how StarCityGames.com will handle the variant cards in Unstable!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following social media and Reddit over the past 24 hours, you’ve seen that many, many cards in Unstable are going to have multiple versions of the same card! Some versions only have different artwork (Extremely Slow Zombie has four seasons). Other cards have actual different rules text! (Very Cryptic Command, for example.)

Since this information came out, we’ve gotten a lot of questions through e-mail and social media. People want to know how we are handling these cards for singles preorders and for our Unstable (Mostly) Complete Sets. Let me give you the rundown of what we are doing to take care of our customers.

1. If you ordered one of the Mostly Complete Sets – you are going to get every version of every card (not including basic lands and tokens, as originally advertised)! We’re not entirely sure how many variants of each card there are, but based on my math, we should be opening enough product to take care of all of the variants for each of these complete sets!

2. If you preordered an individual card that ended up having multiple variants – we are going to ship the version of the card that was initially revealed/pictured on the website. This is the card that was ordered at the time you placed your order, so we’re going to make sure you get the version that was advertised at the time. This includes foil versions of cards.

3. We disabled all Singles sales on Unstable (except for basic lands) once the news on this broke last night. We have since re-enabled cards that do not seem to have multiple variants. Once we know exactly how many versions of each card exist (for cards that have variants), we will be creating different versions of those cards for sale on the website (both foil and non-foil).

4. As always: even though some of the cards are likely to jump in price (some of these foils that have four or more variants are going to be pretty hard to get), we are honoring the original price that these cards were purchased at by our customers. If you see the price go up on the website, don’t worry. You are not being charged more money for the orders you have already placed!

Unstable looks like a ton of fun to play with, and I don’t want any of our customers to worry about their orders. We’ll worry about making sure that we fulfill everything to the best of our ability, and you worry about playing with the cards once they arrive!

– Ben Bleiweiss

[email protected]