StarCityGames.com, Grand Prix, And The Future

A statement regarding WOTC’s recently announced 2018 Grand Prix changes.

The Wizards of the Coast 2018 Grand Prix announcement
can be found here.

Late last year, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) invited a number of companies to submit proposals for hosting Grand Prix events in 2018. This was a change from the previous process, where WotC would assign Grand Prix events to specific tournament organizers.

However, because too many aspects of this new direction simply did not align with our plans for the SCG Tour, I informed Wizards of the Coast that StarCityGames.com was choosing to remove ourselves from consideration and would not be submitting a proposal to host Grand Prix events in 2018.

I am incredibly proud of the quality event experiences my StarCityGames.com staff has been able to consistently offer, and I invite everyone to join us at our four remaining StarCityGames.com-hosted Grand Prix in 2017:

As always, StarCityGames.com will continue to strive to provide quality event experiences for those attending our events. However, for 2018 and beyond, 100% of our large-scale event organization efforts will focus on expanding and improving The SCG Tour. Stay tuned for more details!