SCG Tour Season Two Announcement!

Cedric Phillips gives you the latest news on what promises to be another great season of tournament Magic on the SCG Tour!

#SCGDFW March 10-11!

It’s that time again!

I know you’ve been over there planning out the rest of your 2018 schedule
and thinking, “It sure would be nice to know what Season Two of the SCG
Tour looks like!” Well, fellow Magic fan, wait no longer! For I, Cedric
Phillips, proudly present to you the SCG Tour 2018 Season Two schedule!

Date Location Maximum Main Event Seating Capacity Main Event Format
June 23-24 Dallas, TX 1,200 (400 Teams) Team Constructed
June 30-July 1 Atlanta, GA 1,000 Modern
July 14-15 Worcester, MA 900 (300 Teams) Team Constructed
July 21-22 Philadelphia, PA 1,200 (400 Teams) Team Constructed
July 28-29 Indianapolis, IN 1,000 Modern
Aug. 25-26 Baltimore, MD 1,000 Modern
Sept. 15-16 Syracuse, NY 1,000 Modern
Sept. 22-23 Baltimore, MD 900 Legacy
Oct. 6-7 Columbus, OH 1,200 (400 Teams) Team Constructed
Oct. 13-14 Philadelphia, PA 1,200 (400 Teams) Team Constructed
Oct. 20-21 Dallas, TX 1,200 Modern
Oct. 27-28 Charlotte, NC 900 Modern
November 10 Regional Championships Varies Modern
Nov. 17-18 Las Vegas, NV 1,050 (350 Teams) Team Constructed
Dec. 1-2 Baltimore, MD 900 Modern
Dec. 7-9 Roanoke, VA TBA TBA

Vegas Vacation!

You read that right! On November 17-18, the SCG Tour returns to the
Entertainment Capital of the World! And what better way to return to Las
Vegas than with our Team Constructed tournament in tow? With a Maximum Main
Event Seating Capacity of 1050 players (350 teams), we’re anticipating two

  • A sellout of another SCG Tour Open Weekend.
  • A lot of fun to be had.

Registration will go live for SCG Las Vegas on October 17, so be sure to
mark your calendars for our return to the west coast!

Classic Classics

As you may have heard, the Modern Classic at SCG Worcester last weekend was
rather large. I’m talking over 400 players large! With any tournament we
run – and especially a large one-day tournament like a Classic – our goal
is always to provide our players with the best possible playing experience.
And because we’ve seen our Classic attendance trending upward, we’ve
instituted a Maximum Seating Capacity for our Classics of 400 players per
individual Classic. This change is being made is effective immediately, so if you’ve made
plans to join us at SCG Dallas this weekend, be sure to register for those
Classics early to guarantee your spot!

SCG Tour Season Two Playmats

The dates, locations, and formats for Season Two of the SCG Tour are cool
and everything, but I know what you’re really here for: You want to know
about the sweet playmats we’ll have available for those participating in
Opens and Classics during Season Two of the SCG Tour, right?

Well make no mistake about it. We will have playmats for those
participating in Opens and Classics during Season Two of the SCG Tour. But
they won’t be revealed in this announcement today. You’ll be able to see
the sweet playmats for Season Two of the SCG Tour on both the
StarCityGames.com Twitter and the StarCityGames.com Facebook in just a few
short weeks.

Trust me when I say that the wait will be worth it.

Thank You!

As is always the case, I want to make it known that we value everyone’s
feedback; it helps make the SCG Tour possible. So if you have constructive
feedback about the SCG Tour, let me know! I’ll be at most SCG Tour weekends
in 2018, but if you won’t be, be sure to shoot us a tweet on Twitter at @StarCityGames.

Thanks for all your support of both StarCityGames.com and the SCG Tour. And
most importantly, we look forward to seeing you at the

SCG Dallas Open Weekend


#SCGDFW March 10-11!