MTGCast #230 – GP Toronto and the Sydney Screamer

Friday, October 29th – Robert joins us while on the road back from GP Toronto and we welcome Chris Otwell back to the show!

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This Week in Magic

Robert joins us while on the road back from GP Toronto and we welcome Chris Otwell back to the show!

GP Toronto

is this past weekend, and we mull over Scars of Mirrodin Draft and Sealed. Robert goes over his great list of interviews (keep an eye out very soon)
and the mystery of Canada’s greatest super hero, Tim Horton. Congratulations to Jon Smithers for winning GP Toronto and Brad Nelson with a #2 finish.
Mirran Crusader
is the apparent name for the buy-a-box promo for Mirrodin
Besieged. EvilBernd voluntarily takes down the incredibly popular deckcheck.net in protest of the WPN changes. The
2011 Grand Prix schedule

has been announced, and you can ogle the new sexy Maelstrom Pulse promo.
Hop on for an IRC chat

with the WotC R&D team of Mark Rosewater and Mike Turian at 4 p.m. PDT on Oct 27.

Upcoming Events:

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KY $5K Open

Nov 13-14
TCGPlayer $10K in Austin, TX on Nov 12-14
Scars of Mirrodin Game Day, Oct 30-31

What Have We Been Playing?

Tom actually played in a Scars of Mirrodin draft and did quite well drafting BG infect. Tom also asks for your help in building a metalcraft deck and how best to abuse Strata Scythe.

Here is the
link to the video Robert posted on the notes


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MTGCast News

Duel Decks contest

is now closed and the winners will be announced next week. Thank you again to
Comic Cosmos

for donating a FTV Relics set!

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