MTGCast #202 – Conley’s $20 Soft Serve Special

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Atlanta!
Thursday, April 15th – On today’s epic episode of MTGCast, the guys discuss all things Magical from around the world!

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MTGCast #202 – Conley’s $20 Soft Serve Special
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
It is quite an epic show with Tom, Conley “Sassypants” Woods, Jack and special guest host, Marcel from Oakland! First, we give a huge congrats to Gavin for winning PTQ Seattle, woo hah! Wizards has filed a complaint in Washington against four Alabama residents for fabricating tournaments and results in effort to get free prizes and materials to be resold through eBay.

We review the current Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers from the Standard Constructed, Limited, EDH and casual bend. Check out the unofficial spoiler on MTGSalvation.

Listener Emails

B-movie recommendations for the week: Birdemic, Mega Piranha. Tom corrects his complete bungling of creature auras on Gideon. Thanks to Brad to point out the rules interaction between Rebound and Retrace.

MTGCast News
The Worldwake booster pack give-away contest is closed, stay tuned next week for the winners! We also quickly digress into filth when Conley admits to what he would do for $20. And it is shocking.

B-movie pick of the week is: They Live (1988)

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