MTGCast #194 – Van-Size Ticks and Buff Guys Holding Puppies!

SCG Open Richmond!

Wednesday, February 17th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss Grand Prix: Oakland, news from The Starkington Post, Rise of the Eldrazi rumors, and more!

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MTGCast #194 – Van-size ticks and buff guys holding puppies!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic

Tom is back from the Maldives, he and Eric have a surprising amount of news for you this week. First, time to toot our own horn and a big thank-you to WoTC for featuring MTGCast and Monday Night Magic (and bunch of our other podcasts) on their Community Spotlight section! Apparently we were the runaway favorite podcast, and for this, we thank you. On a slightly non-Magic front, check out the D&D has been banned from Wisconsin prisons for promoting gang activity. GP Oakland has just finished up and congratulations to Matt Nass for winning with Elves and Conley for Top 8ing with a cool rogue UGW deck called “Charmed, I’m Sure”! Check out the latest “Savor the Flavor” for an interesting tidbit about the Vampire tribe and how it may play out in Rise of the Eldrazi.

This next chunk of news is courtesy of the fantastic thestarkingtonpost.com. The announced event list for the PAX East event has a slew of Magic events, including EDH! Hasbro Q4 earnings are up and Zendikar is the most successful magic set in all of its 17 year history (more about this). MTG was featured in a community piece in Jakarta, Indonesia along with another article in the in-flight magazine, Hemispheres. Channel Fireball handed out a cool magazine with articles from pros at GP Oakland and you can download the full issue via PDF! Bill Stark also has a great interview with Mark Rosewater as well you can check out. Interesting blurb about “parasitic titans” on the Rise of the Eldrazi booster box text blurb. Peter Jahn has some great discussion on the possible changes to Reserved List.

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