MTGCast #175 – I’m All Out Of Bubblegum

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Thursday, October 8th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, there’s talk on Priceless Treasures, all-foil boosters, Zendikar draft, and more!

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MTGCast #175 — I’m All Out Of Bubblegum
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
We discuss the latest developments from all foil boosters to Magic Game day on October 31.

We also get some late breaking news from Chris from Kentucky. Priceless Treasures may be double rare slot instead of lands!

What Have We Been Playing?
Eric has been getting his Draft on.

Listener Emails
We get to a ton of your feedback!

MTGCast News
Mr. Suitcase Has a new episode out.

Welcome to the new podcast, Limited Resources, a podcast focused on draft and other limited formats! This week is Zendikar draft.
Tom is in Russia! He also remembers the days where MTGCast wished it could have daily content and now we are having 10-20+ episodes of content per week!

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