Mirrodin: First Impressions

You know, the other day I found out Mirrodin was The Artifact Set and I thought only one thought…

That maybe now was the time…

The day would finally come…

Manakin would be reborn!

You know, the other day I found out Mirrodin was The Artifact Set and I thought only one thought…

That maybe now was the time…

The day would finally come…

Manakin would be reborn!

Those of you who have followed my legacy throughout the years will know that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away – the single card that defined my whole style of play and outlook on Magic was the card Manakin. I built a lot of decks around it in an attempt to break it, and didn’t do too badly at times. In many ways, nothing has changed. When Millikin came out, I was overjoyed, but still there was a void – something just wasn’t right.

But this folks…This could be the time. It could happen, all over again. Manakin could come back to rule the day.

I looked at the spoiler up on mtgnews. There, I beheld an awesome sight. I cannot describe it …I can only show it to you, so you can bask in its glory.

Yes folks – this card is essentially Manakin. In many eyes, it is strictly better, and in my eyes, slightly tainted. Either way the new Manakin is coming, and may the world be forewarned – there will be new Manakin decks… There is no stopping it now. It is too late. I vow to qualify for the Pro tour with this card.

That is not all – while I have no proof, I have seen speculation that there may be not one, but five of these guys – one for each color.

I could play twenty Manakins

I don’t think I could possibly lose a match.

Thus my first impression of Mirrodin is – best set ever (at least since Tempest). This does not surprise me. I was informed that I would immensely enjoy the set by a friend of mine – and from what I have read, I am not disappointed.

Let me talk about the most interesting cards I have seen so far – some real, some speculative, all in no particular order:

Shared Fate – 4U

Enchantment (R)

If a player would draw a card, that player removes the top card of an opponent’s library face down instead. Each player may look at and play cards he or she removed from the game with Shared Fate as though they were in his or her hand.


This card is super interesting. It punishes the people who don’t have the ability to produce various colored mana, depending on whatever matchup it is. Since you essentially”draw” your opponent’s card (read: the thing he is able to cast) during his turn, you can cast it before he gets a chance to. If he is not able to start casting your spells quickly (probably through playing lands from your deck) then it is almost akin to drawing two cards to your opponents no cards every turn, assuming your deck is set up for it. It is a very interesting symmetrical effect, indeed.

Loxodon Mender – 5W

Creature – Elephant Cleric (?)

WT : Regenerate target artifact.



Okay, so this card is no winner…But look at its creature type. An Elephant Cleric? I have never seen such a beating in my life. That creature type just makes me want to smile all over.

Vedalken Archmage – 2UU

Creature – Vedalken Wizard (R)

Whenever you play an artifact spell, draw a card.


“The Knowledge Pool knows. Memnarch Understands.” – Janus, speaker of the synod

Illus. Kev Walker


This card seems good. Really good. No, I mean you should probably start trading for these already. Note that it does not trigger off of the artifact-lands that have been confirmed to be in the set as of today – but regardless, it seems like this card will get a healthy amount of play in Constructed.

Atog – 1R

Creature – Atog (U)

Sacrifice an artifact: Atog gets +2/+2 until end of turn.


On Dominaria, a scavenger. On Mirrodin, a predator.

Illus. Puddnhead


Okay, so the picture isn’t what I had hoped – but I am glad to see the li’l guy back! Everyone had an Atog deck once – including. I even had Manakins in my Atog deck! Go figure.

Fiery Gambit – 2R


Flip a coin until you lose. If you lose, Fiery Gambit has no effect. If you win 1 flip, Fiery Gambit deals 3 damage to target creature. If you win 2 flips, Fiery Gambit deals 6 damage to all opponents. If you win 3 flips, draw nine cards and untap all lands you control.


This card seems like it is a ton of fun! There is speculation to if the effects of the card are cumulative (I will deal three to your guy and six to you). If they are in fact cumulative, then I think this card could easily be played in Constructed decks and invariably create hilarious moments.

Brown Ouphe – G

Creature – Ouphe (C)

1GT : Counter target artifact ability requiring an activation cost.



YUUUSSS! New players who never countered Sol Ring activations with a Brown Ouphe are just missing out on something special. As the only creature-Ouphe in the game, you can only assume it is immensely powerful.

Extraplanar Lens – 3


Imprint – When Extraplanar Lens comes into play, you may remove target land you control from the game. (The removed card is imprinted on this artifact.)

Whenever a land with the same name as the imprinted card is tapped for mana, its controller adds one mana to his or her mana pool of any type that land produced.

Illus. Lars Grant West


Okay, there has been a lot of talk about this card lately. My take is that this card is very powerful, but may not be viable depending on how much more artifact removal people start playing. It gives you a great boost (especially in combination with the Vedalken Archmage), but at the risk of a two-for-one. This may be a metagame-shifting card unless the format ends up being fast enough that you can’t take turn 3 off to boost your mana… Which I highly doubt.

Memory Mask (?) – 2

Artifact – Equipment (U)

Equip 1: (1: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This card comes into play unattached and stays in play if creature leaves play.)

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw two cards. If you do, discard a card.

Illus. Alan Polack



Okay, now something seems wrong with this card. For three mana, you get an effect that is better than Shadowmage Infiltrator – or at least Ophidian. Not only that, it can move from creature to creature! Now even though you can’t do it in the middle of combat, it is still pretty powerful to just play with evasion creatures and this card. I foresee many Spiketail Hatchlings with Curiosity and this card Equipped.

Mox ____? 0

Artifact (R)

Imprint – When CARDNAME comes into play, you may remove a nonland card in your hand from the game. (The removed card is imprinted on this artifact.)

T: Add one mana of any color shared with the imprinted card to your mana pool. (Colorless is not a color.)


Well, this card seems better than Mox Diamond and certainly better than the new Lotus. I don’t think this card will be exactly how it is worded here, since Wizards said they probably wouldn’t print any more”Moxish” cards. If it is real, however, it will be in at least half the decks

That is all I know about for now, except for the Platinum Angel that lots of people are talking about. (For those who don’t, it’s a seven-mana artifact 4/4 artifact creature that has a special ability: As long as it’s in play, you can’t lose the game.) To me, it seems a lot like Worship, and we see how often Worship gets played.

Mirrodin looks like a very exciting set overall – I highly recommend the prereleases!

Nate Heiss

Team CMU

[email protected]