Insider Information – A Sealed Deck Cardpool Experiment (Part 1)

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Thursday, November 5th – In an experimental two-part article this week, Cedric Phillips asks for Sealed Deck help! Today, in this teaser trailer, Ced shares a Zendikar Sealed cardpool from a recent PTQ in Cincinnati. Tomorrow, once people have shared their builds in the forums, Ced will share his thoughts in an article proper. So, go build your deck, and join us tomorrow!

Sealed deck and I are simply not getting along this season. With a column that is read regularly, I decided to turn to you, the reader, to help me in my quest for a Top 32 finish at Grand Prix: Minnesota. Grand Prix: Minnesota is the most important tournament of the year for me, as a Top 32 will qualify me for Worlds. With Day 1 being Sealed, I am open to any and all suggestions on how to go about building a Sealed Deck from the following cardpool. I fancy myself somewhat of a Sealed Deck expert, as I normally win a Sealed PTQ per season, but with my 0-3 at Grand Prix: Tampa Bay and my 0-2 at a PTQ in Cincinnati this past weekend, I felt it might be time to re-evaluate what I am doing. And above all, this interactive format should prove to be fun, so come along for the ride!

Below is the Sealed Deck cardpool that I had at the PTQ in Cincinnati. That is all this part of the article will contain. If you feel so inclined, post what you would do in the forums, with an explanation, and check back on Friday to find out where we agree/disagree.

Here is my Sealed Deck cardpool!

So, get to the forums and share your Sealed Deck builds. See everyone tomorrow for the real article!

Cedric Phillips

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