Drafting With Tiago – LLL #10

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Tiago Chan, Portugal’s Level 6 Magic dynamo, takes us by the hand and leads us through the choppy waters of a triple-Lorwyn draft on Magic Online. He shares each and every pick, from one to forty-five, and supplies expert commentary on the draft and the games. For more detailed information, visit the forums!


Pack 1:

Hornet Harasser, Axegrinder Giant, Woodland Changeling, Kithkin Greatheart, Mulldrifter, Footbottom Feast, Ingot Chewer, Amoeboid
Changeling, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Flamekin Harbinger, Glen Elendra Pranksters, Silvergill Adept, Epic Proportions, Runed Stalactite

Pick: Mulldrifter

Pack 2:

Thieving Sprite, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Hillcomber Giant, Streambed Aquitects, Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Nameless Inversion, Battlewand Oak, Elvish Eulogist, Wings of Velis Vel, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Ceaseless Searblades, Familiar’s Ruse, Ashling’s Prerogative

Pick: Nameless Inversion

Pack 3:

Quill-Slinger Boggart, Surge of Thoughtweft, Tarfire, Wanderer’s Twig, Silvergill Douser, Shimmering Grotto, Judge of Currents, Lace with Moonglove, Blind-Spot Giant, Exiled Boggart, Vivid Meadow, Nectar Faerie, Thorntooth Witch

Pick: Silvergill Douser

Pack 4:

Moonglove Winnower, Kinsbaile Balloonist, Inner-Flame Acolyte, Paperfin Rascal, Facevaulter, Hunt Down, Giant’s Ire, Dawnfluke, Spellstutter Sprite, Thundercloud Shaman, Kithkin Mourncaller, Twinning Glass

Pick: Thundercloud Shaman

Pack 5:

Consuming Bonfire, Boggart Loggers, Runed Stalactite, Inner-Flame Acolyte, Neck Snap, Dawnfluke, Nath’s Buffoon, Faultgrinder, Battle Mastery, Twinning Glass, Mountain

Pick: Consuming Bonfire

Pack 6:

Mudbutton Torchrunner, Springleaf Drum, Kithkin Healer, Footbottom Feast, Scarred Vinebreeder, Springjack Knight, Ponder, Bog Hoodlums, Battle Mastery, Amoeboid Changeling

Pick: Mudbutton Torchrunner

Pack 7:

Oaken Brawler, Hurly-Burly, Black Poplar Shaman, Shimmering Grotto, Elvish Eulogist, Giant’s Ire, Lairwatch Giant, Scattering Stroke, Cenn’s Heir

Pick: Scattering Stroke

Pack 8:

Soulbright Flamekin,
Glimmerdust Nap, Boggart Birth Rite, Zephyr Net, Bog Hoodlums, Inkfathom Divers, Lammastide Weave, Rebellion of the Flamekin

Pick: Inkfathom Divers

Pack 9:

Axegrinder Giant, Ingot Chewer, Amoeboid Changeling, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Flamekin Harbinger, Glen Elendra Pranksters

Pick: Flamekin Harbinger

Pack 10:

Hillcomber Giant, Elvish Eulogist, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Familiar’s Ruse, Ashling’s Prerogative

Pick: Familiar’s Ruse

Pack 11:

Quill-Slinger Boggart, Shimmering Grotto, Lace with Moonglove, Exiled Boggart, Nectar Faerie

Pick: Shimmering Grotto

Pack 12:

Facevaulter, Hunt Down, Giant’s Ire, Dawnfluke

Pick: Giant’s Ire

Pack 13:

Faultgrinder, Battle Mastery, Mountain

Pick: Faultgrinder

Pack 14:

Bog Hoodlums, Battle Mastery

Pick: Battle Mastery

Pack 15:

Cenn’s Heir

Pick: Cenn’s Heir

Pack 16:

Hurly-Burly, Plover Knights, Paperfin Rascal, Dreamspoiler Witches, Runed Stalactite, Nath’s Elite, Faerie Trickery, Nightshade
Stinger, Blades of Velis Vel, Elvish Handservant, Dawnfluke, Knight of Meadowgrain, Vivid Creek, Rebellion of the Flamekin, Howltooth Hollow

Pick: Vivid Creek

Pack 17:

Bog-Strider Ash, Eyeblight’s Ending, Mudbutton Torchrunner, Springleaf Drum, Oakgnarl Warrior, Goldmeadow Harrier, Ponder, Heal the Scars, Skeletal Changeling, Shields of Velis Vel, Rebellion of the Flamekin, Captivating Glance, Fallowsage, Secluded Glen

Pick: Secluded Glen

Pack 18:

Consuming Bonfire, Wispmare, Thieving Sprite, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Hillcomber Giant, Spellstutter Sprite, Spiderwig Boggart, Flamekin Brawler, Tideshaper Mystic, Sentry Oak, Tar Pitcher, Nectar Faerie, Hamletback Goliath

Pick: Tar Pitcher

Pack 19:

Moonglove Extract, Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Oaken Brawler, Smokebraider, Stonybrook Angler, Fertile Ground, Black Poplar Shaman, Elvish Eulogist, Wings of Velis Vel, Caterwauling Boggart, Crib Swap, Forced Fruition

Pick: Moonglove Extract

Pack 20:

Lignify, Quill-Slinger Boggart, Bog-Strider Ash, Protective Bubble, Fire-Belly Changeling, Skeletal Changeling, Aquitect’s Will, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Elvish Promenade, Flamekin Bladewhirl, Inner-Flame Igniter

Pick: Fire-Belly Changeling

Pack 21:

Pestermite, Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Kinsbaile Balloonist, Whirlpool Whelm, Rootgrapple, Goldmeadow Dodger, Flamekin Brawler, Facevaulter, Flamekin Bladewhirl, Heat Shimmer

Pick: Pestermite

Pack 22:

Mudbutton Torchrunner, Oakgnarl Warrior, Soulbright Flamekin, Exiled Boggart, Shields of Velis Vel, Mournwhelk, Needle Drop, Goldmeadow Stalwart, Makeshift Mannequin

Pick: Mudbutton Torchrunner

Pack 23:

Lowland Oaf, Kithkin Healer, Shields of
Velis Vel, Needle Drop, Springjack Knight, Heal the Scars, Vivid Crag, Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Lowland Oaf

Pack 24:

Hurly-Burly, Paperfin Rascal, Runed Stalactite, Elvish Handservant, Dawnfluke, Rebellion of the Flamekin, Howltooth Hollow

Pick: Paperfin Rascal

Pack 25:

Oakgnarl Warrior, Ponder, Heal the Scars, Shields of Velis Vel, Rebellion of the Flamekin, Captivating Glance

Pick: Ponder

Pack 26:

Thieving Sprite, Spellstutter Sprite, Flamekin Brawler, Sentry Oak, Nectar Faerie

Pick: Thieving Sprite

Pack 27:

Oaken Brawler, Black Poplar Shaman, Elvish Eulogist, Caterwauling Boggart

Pick: Caterwauling Boggart

Pack 28:

Quill-Slinger Boggart, Aquitect’s Will, Flamekin Bladewhirl

Pick: Flamekin Bladewhirl

Pack 29:

Flamekin Brawler, Facevaulter

Pick: Flamekin Brawler

Pack 30:

Exiled Boggart

Pick: Exiled Boggart

Pack 31:

Tarfire, Herbal Poultice, Kithkin Greatheart, Oakgnarl Warrior, Lash Out, Hornet Harasser, Deeptread Merrow, Spring Cleaning, Blind-Spot Giant,
Wellgabber Apothecary, Gilt-Leaf Seer, Kithkin Harbinger, Vivid Grove, Vivid Marsh, Dolmen Gate

Pick: Lash Out

Pack 32:

Dreamspoiler Witches, Runed Stalactite, Nath’s Elite, Neck Snap, Sentinels of Glen Elendra, Smokebraider, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Elvish Handservant, Broken Ambitions, Cenn’s Heir, Boggart Forager, Vivid Creek, Sentry Oak, Crib Swap

Pick: Sentinels of Glen Elendra

Pack 33:

Hurly-Burly, Peppersmoke, Consuming Bonfire, Wispmare, Stonybrook Angler, Hunt Down, Giant’s Ire, Dawnfluke, Spellstutter Sprite, Black Poplar Shaman, Silvergill Adept, Sentry Oak, Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Silvergill Adept

Pack 34:

Boggart Loggers, Adder-Staff Boggart, Hillcomber Giant, Sentinels of Glen Elendra, Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Warren-Scourge Elf, Blades of Velis Vel, Cenn’s Heir, Ringskipper, Squeaking Pie Sneak, Hoarder’s Greed, Shelldock Isle

Pick: Sentinels of Glen Elendra

Pack 35:

Herbal Poultice, Avian Changeling, Lowland Oaf, Fistful of Force, Inkfathom Divers, Boggart Birth Rite, Ingot Chewer, Soaring Hope, Hearthcage Giant, Ego Erasure, Fodder Launch

Pick: Lowland Oaf

Pack 36:


Moonglove Winnower, Whirlpool Whelm, Adder-Staff Boggart, Wispmare, Goldmeadow Dodger, Faerie Trickery, Nightshade Stinger, Blades of Velis Vel, Elvish Handservant, Glarewielder

Pick: Whirlpool Whelm

Pack 37:

Glimmerdust Nap, Soulbright Flamekin, Kithkin Daggerdare, Fire-Belly Changeling, Elvish Branchbender, Amoeboid Changeling, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Lace with Moonglove, Woodland Guidance

Pick: Amoeboid Changeling

Pack 38:

Surge of Thoughtweft,
Springjack Knight, Heal the Scars, Boggart Birth Rite, Ingot Chewer, Kithkin Harbinger, Sylvan Echoes, Boggart Forager

Pick: Surge of Thoughtweft

Pack 39:

Herbal Poultice, Oakgnarl Warrior, Hornet Harasser, Deeptread Merrow, Spring Cleaning, Blind-Spot Giant, Vivid Grove

Pick: Blind-Spot Giant

Pack 40:

Runed Stalactite, Elvish Handservant, Broken Ambitions, Cenn’s Heir, Boggart Forager, Sentry Oak

Pick: Broken Ambitions

Pack 41:

Wispmare, Hunt Down, Giant’s Ire, Dawnfluke, Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Giant’s Ire

Pack 42:

Adder-Staff Boggart, Cenn’s Heir, Ringskipper, Hoarder’s Greed

Pick: Adder-Staff Boggart

Pack 43:

Herbal Poultice, Boggart Birth Rite, Soaring Hope

Pick: Boggart Birth Rite

Pack 44:

Goldmeadow Dodger, Nightshade Stinger

Pick: Nightshade Stinger

Pack 45:

Lace with Moonglove

Pick: Lace with Moonglove

Final Decklist:


1 Amoeboid Changeling
1 Broken Ambitions
1 Familiar’s Ruse
1 Inkfathom Divers
1 Mulldrifter
1 Pestermite
1 Ponder
2 Sentinels of
Glen Elendra
1 Silvergill Adept
1 Silvergill Douser
1 Whirlpool Whelm
1 Nameless Inversion
1 Consuming Bonfire
1 Fire-Belly Changeling
1 Lash Out
2 Lowland Oaf
2 Mudbutton Torchrunner
1 Tar Pitcher
1 Thundercloud Shaman
1 Moonglove Extract
1 Secluded Glen
1 Shimmering Grotto
1 Vivid Creek
7 Mountain
7 Island


1 Adder-Staff Boggart
1 Battle Mastery
1 Blind-Spot Giant
1 Boggart Birth Rite
1 Caterwauling Boggart
1 Cenn’s Heir [FOIL]
1 Exiled Boggart
1 Faultgrinder
1 Flamekin Bladewhirl
1 Flamekin Brawler
1 Flamekin Harbinger
2 Giant’s Ire
1 Lace with Moonglove
1 Nightshade Stinger
1 Paperfin Rascal
1 Scattering Stroke
1 Surge of Thoughtweft
1 Thieving Sprite

I started the draft with the nice common trio of Mulldrifter, Nameless
Inversion, and Silvergill Douser. Pick 4 I took the Thundercloud Shaman – seems a
signal to go Red – and Black was very dry after that

Pick 17: Secluded Glen versus Eyeblight’s Ending. I already had a Vivid Creek, so it
was likely I would splash the Nameless Inversion. Playing both Nameless
Inversion and Eyeblight’s Ending just off a Vivid Creek is probably not
enough, I probably had to add some basic Swamps. I decided to take the land
that helps fixing the splash instead. With this pick, my manabase is not hurt by splashing Black, and I am more likely to take Black
cards to splash later on.

Overall, I think the deck turned out okay, but it’s missing a tribal theme for
extra power.

Round 1 I played versus a three-color Green/Black/Blue deck splashing White for
Changeling Hero

I got a huge tempo advantage game 1. I already had in play Pestermite and
a 3/3 attacking, he had a Kithkin Daggerdare and Boggart Loggers. I knew
because of a clash that he had Changeling Hero in his hand, and I hoped
he’d play it, which he did. I cast Nameless Inversion on one of
the creatures and Whirlwhelm Pool on the other, effictively cleaning his
board, while my creatures were still there to attack. The rest of the game
was almost irrelevant.

Game 2 he kept a very slow hand on the play, but I couldn’t deal close to
20 before turn 5, and then I was very much overpowered. Two Weed
Strangle, Mulldrifter, Warren Pilferers, Bog-Strider Ash (which gained him 6
life), Changeling Hero and Changeling Titan, Oakgnarl Warrior… Too many creatures, too
big, too much card advantage.

Game 3 was the same for him, but this time I’m on the play, and I managed
to counter a Warren Pilferers when a Mulldrifter was in his graveyard. I had
a Consuming Bonfire for one of his big creatures, and a Scattering Stroke I
sided in to stop another. Plus in this game I was on the play, and I managed to
deal 20 before the board was too much for my deck to handle.

Round 2 I played versus a White/Blue Kithkin deck.

Game 1 he timed out due to inaction.

Games 2 and 3 are the usual battles between Kithkin and slower decks that need
to stabilize. He topdecked in both games when he had zero cards in hand and
I was starting to take control of the game. Game 2 he attacked with
everything, and I played a flash Sentinels of Glen Elendra so I could have better
blocksers. I used Silvergill Douser on one unblocked creature. He let it
resolve, and played Wings of Velis-Vel on it for exactly lethal damage. Game
3 I had Tar Pitcher, Silvergill Douser, Amoeboid Changeling, and
Pestermite, to his Goldmeadow Harrier and Kithkin Greathart. Every turn I’d
been using the combo of Tar Pitcher +plus Amoeboid Changeling to stay alive,
because as I was at one life, now it’s finally the turn where I’m going to
kill his tapper with it, and he probably won’t have time to kill me as he
has exactly 3 mins on the clock. He drew Fathom Trawl, and then played
Cloudgoat Ranger, and a second Goldmeadow Harrier. That’s five new creatures
when I was at one life.

Oh well, drawing cards is part of the game, and having good cards to draw
goes a long way in helping you draw cards that win you the game. His deck
was very good, and it seemed he had many more outs to draw in both

See you tomorrow!


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