Drafting With Rich – Time Spiral #7

After a short hiatus, Rich Hoaen returns to continue his daily article series! Each day, the grumpy Canadian draft master takes us through a Magic Online draft, from pick 1 to pick 45, and shares his insight into the cards, the deck, and the games themselves. For more detailed analysis, Rich answers your questions in the forums!


Pack 1:

Feebleness, Castle Raptors, Chromatic Star, Tolarian Sentinel, Flowstone Channeler, Trespasser il-Vec, Venser’s Sliver, Clockspinning, Bogardan Rager, Sangrophage, Dread Return, Paradox Haze, Might Sliver, Stronghold Overseer, Soul Collector

Pick: Stronghold Overseer

Pack 2:

Errant Doomsayers, Corpulent Corpse, Viscerid Deepwalker, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Search for Tomorrow, Screeching Sliver, Momentary Blink, Ancient Grudge, Greenseeker, Foriysian Interceptor, Vampiric Sliver, Durkwood Tracker, Hypergenesis, Nicol Bolas

Pick: Corpulent Corpse

Pack 3:

Chromatic Star, Looter il-Kor, Gorgon Recluse, Herd Gnarr, Fortify, Coal Stoker, Plunder, Eternity Snare, Molder, Venser’s Sliver, Tectonic Fiend, Return to Dust, Wall of Roots

Pick: Looter il-Kor

Pack 4:

Cloudchaser Kestrel, Terramorphic Expanse, Snapback, Call to the Netherworld, Drifter il-Dal, Havenwood Wurm, Basal Sliver, Sage of Epityr, Faceless Devourer, Spell Burst, Norin the Wary, Auratog

Pick: Snapback

Pack 5:

Drudge Reavers, Cancel, Pentarch Ward, Psychotic Episode, Sprout, Aetherflame Wall, Pit Keeper, Outrider en-Kor, Haunting Hymn, Unyaro Bees, Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

Pick: Outrider en-Kor

Pack 6:

Coral Trickster, Ivory Giant, Flowstone Channeler, Glass Asp, Ground Rift, Eternity Snare, Skulking Knight, Saltcrusted Steppe, Fool’s Demise, Gaea’s Liege

Pick: Ivory Giant

Pack 7:

Ivory Giant, Grapeshot, Slipstream Serpent, Two-Headed Sliver, Blazing Blade Askari, Shadow Sliver, Ophidian Eye, Assembly-Worker, Gemstone Mine

Pick: Ivory Giant

Pack 8:

Think Twice, Errant Doomsayers, Screeching Sliver, Psychotic Episode, Jedit’s Dragoons, Sprout, Celestial Crusader, Dementia Sliver

Pick: Celestial Crusader

Pack 9:

Chromatic Star, Tolarian Sentinel, Venser’s Sliver, Clockspinning, Bogardan Rager, Sangrophage, Paradox Haze

Pick: Chromatic Star

Pack 10:

Errant Doomsayers, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Screeching Sliver, Ancient Grudge, Foriysian Interceptor, Nicol Bolas

Pick: Errant Doomsayers

Pack 11:

Chromatic Star, Plunder, Eternity Snare, Molder, Return to Dust

Pick: Chromatic Star

Pack 12:

Drifter il-Dal, Sage of Epityr, Spell Burst, Norin the Wary

Pick: Norin the Wary

Pack 13:

Drudge Reavers, Cancel, Psychotic Episode

Pick: Drudge Reavers

Pack 14:

Ground Rift, Fool’s Demise

Pick: Fool’s Demise

Pack 15:

Ophidian Eye

Pick: Ophidian Eye

Pack 16:

Spinneret Sliver, Fortify, Spiketail Drakeling, Flamecore Elemental, Mana Skimmer, D’Avenant Healer, Wormwood Dryad, Mystical Teachings, Two-Headed Sliver, Prismatic Lens, Aspect of Mongoose, Quilled Sliver, Sporesower Thallid, Gauntlet of Power, Merieke Ri Berit

Pick: Prismatic Lens

Pack 17:

Icatian Crier, Dark Withering, Goblin Skycutter, Crookclaw Transmuter, Strength in Numbers, Zealot il-Vec, Drifter il-Dal, Subterranean Shambler, Mindlash Sliver, Havenwood Wurm, Celestial Crusader, Quilled Sliver, Liege of the Pit, Merfolk Assassin

Pick: Celestial Crusader

Pack 18:

Nantuko Shaman, Castle Raptors, Gorgon Recluse, Spiketail Drakeling, Scarwood Treefolk, Orcish Cannonade, Thrill of the Hunt, Plunder, Brass Gnat, Barbed Shocker, Return to Dust, Urza’s Factory, Thelon of Havenwood

Pick: Castle Raptors

Pack 19:

Thallid Germinator, Zealot il-Vec, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Temporal Eddy, Sage of Epityr, Divine Congregation, Mindlash Sliver, Thallid Shell-Dweller, Jhoira’s Timebug, Krosan Grip, Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Mystic Enforcer

Pick: Mystic Enforcer

Pack 20:

Pentarch Ward, Ashcoat Bear, Amrou Seekers, Ghitu Firebreathing, Momentary Blink, Greenseeker, Pit Keeper, Dreadship Reef, Ghostflame Sliver, Locket of Yesterdays, Teferi’s Moat

Pick: Momentary Blink

Pack 21:

Tolarian Sentinel, Benalish Cavalry, Children of Korlis, Viashino Bladescout, Mystical Teachings, Thrill of the Hunt, Fungal Reaches, Stormcloud Djinn, Swarmyard, Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

Pick: Benalish Cavalry

Pack 22:

Trespasser il-Vec, Amrou Scout, Scarwood Treefolk, Sidewinder Sliver, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Viashino Bladescout, Ophidian Eye, Skittering Monstrosity, Volcanic Awakening

Pick: Amrou Scout

Pack 23:

Aether Web, Temporal Eddy, Foriysian Interceptor, Aetherflame Wall, Detainment Spell, Thallid Shell-Dweller, Bewilder, Ignite Memories

Pick: Temporal Eddy

Pack 24:

Fortify, Spiketail Drakeling, D’Avenant Healer, Wormwood Dryad, Mystical Teachings, Two-Headed Sliver, Aspect of Mongoose

Pick: D’Avenant Healer

Pack 25:

Icatian Crier, Zealot il-Vec, Drifter il-Dal, Mindlash Sliver, Havenwood Wurm, Merfolk Assassin

Pick: Icatian Crier

Pack 26:

Scarwood Treefolk, Plunder, Brass Gnat, Return to Dust, Urza’s Factory

Pick: Urza’s Factory

Pack 27:

Zealot il-Vec, Divine Congregation, Jhoira’s Timebug, Krosan Grip

Pick: Zealot il-Vec

Pack 28:

Pentarch Ward, Ghitu Firebreathing, Locket of Yesterdays

Pick: Pentarch Ward

Pack 29:

Children of Korlis, Mystical Teachings

Pick: Mystical Teachings

Pack 30:

Volcanic Awakening

Pick: Volcanic Awakening

Pack 31:

Strangling Soot, Gemhide Sliver, Mindstab, Gaze of Justice, Coal Stoker, Durkwood Baloth, Shadow Sliver, Bogardan Rager, Traitor’s Clutch, D’Avenant Healer, Chronatog Totem, Durkwood Tracker, Faceless Devourer, Verdant Embrace, Shadowmage Infiltrator

Pick: Shadowmage Infiltrator

Pack 32:

Lightning Axe, Mogg War Marshal, Temporal Isolation, Think Twice, Ashcoat Bear, Urborg Syphon-Mage, Jedit’s Dragoons, Savage Thallid, Ancient Grudge, Flickering Spirit, Phthisis, Haunting Hymn, Living End, Sol’kanar the Swamp King

Pick: Temporal Isolation

Pack 33:

Corpulent Corpse, Cancel, Icatian Crier, Divine Congregation, Jhoira’s Timebug, Chameleon Blur, Subterranean Shambler, Cyclopean Giant, Vampiric Sliver, Thick-Skinned Goblin, Evil Eye of Urborg, Restore Balance, Grinning Totem

Pick: Icatian Crier

Pack 34:

Urborg Syphon-Mage, Snapback, Aether Web, Cloudchaser Kestrel, Chameleon Blur, Flickering Spirit, Ghitu Firebreathing, Bewilder, Detainment Spell, Thunder Totem, Fury Sliver, Flagstones of Trokair

Pick: Cloudchaser Kestrel

Pack 35:

Amrou Scout, Mana Skimmer, Dream Stalker, Blazing Blade Askari, Glass Asp, Traitor’s Clutch, Yavimaya Dryad, Firewake Sliver, Basalt Gargoyle, Eron the Relentless, Viscid Lemures

Pick: Amrou Scout

Pack 36:

Terramorphic Expanse, Drudge Reavers, Crookclaw Transmuter, Call to the Netherworld, Cyclopean Giant, Brass Gnat, Savage Thallid, Might of Old Krosa, Harmonic Sliver, Evangelize

Pick: Evangelize

Pack 37:

Gaze of Justice, Flamecore Elemental, Children of Korlis, Viscid Lemures, Ground Rift, Wormwood Dryad, Locket of Yesterdays, Calciform Pools, Drudge Reavers

Pick: Calciform Pools

Pack 38:

Coral Trickster, Feebleness, Clockspinning, Sidewinder Sliver, Viscid Lemures, Stormcloud Djinn, Volcanic Awakening, Bogardan Rager

Pick: Coral Trickster

Pack 39:

Gemhide Sliver, Gaze of Justice, Shadow Sliver, Bogardan Rager, Traitor’s Clutch, D’Avenant Healer, Durkwood Tracker

Pick: Gemhide Sliver

Pack 40:

Mogg War Marshal, Ashcoat Bear, Jedit’s Dragoons, Ancient Grudge, Haunting Hymn, Living End

Pick: Jedit’s Dragoons

Pack 41:

Cancel, Divine Congregation, Chameleon Blur, Cyclopean Giant, Evil Eye of Urborg

Pick: Evil Eye of Urborg

Pack 42:

Aether Web, Chameleon Blur, Flickering Spirit, Detainment Spell

Pick: Flickering Spirit

Pack 43:

Glass Asp, Traitor’s Clutch, Viscid Lemures

Pick: Viscid Lemures

Pack 44:

Drudge Reavers, Brass Gnat

Pick: Drudge Reavers

Pack 45:

Children of Korlis

Pick: Children of Korlis

Final Decklist:


1 Chromatic Star
2 Amrou Scout
1 Benalish Cavalry
1 Errant Doomsayers
1 Looter il-Kor
1 Momentary Blink
1 Prismatic Lens
1 Temporal Isolation
1 Cloudchaser Kestrel
2 Icatian Crier
1 Outrider en-Kor
1 Snapback
1 Zealot il-Vec
1 Mystic Enforcer
2 Celestial Crusader
1 Flickering Spirit
1 Castle Raptors
1 Evangelize
2 Ivory Giant
2 Forest
3 Island
10 Plains
1 Calciform Pools
1 Urza’s Factory


1 Children of Korlis
1 Chromatic Star
1 Coral Trickster
1 Corpulent Corpse
1 D’Avenant Healer
2 Drudge Reavers
1 Evil Eye of Urborg
1 Fool’s Demise
1 Gemhide Sliver
1 Jedit’s Dragoons
1 Mystical Teachings
1 Norin the Wary
1 Ophidian Eye
1 Pentarch Ward
1 Shadowmage Infiltrator
1 Stronghold Overseer
1 Temporal Eddy
1 Viscid Lemures [FOIL]
1 Volcanic Awakening

This draft was a little disappointing. I was pretty happy after the draft. I managed to quickly figure out that Black was completely cut off and White was underdrafted. I made an error during deck construction. I was at 24 cards, and couldn’t figure out what to cut, and didn’t even consider cutting a land, down to 16. I figured out that that was the right thing to do during sideboarding of round 1. Speaking of round 2… that was a complete blowout. In the first game I had a pretty good start, but drew land every turn, and got dominated by my opponent’s mediocre selection of Blue and White slivers, along with a Telekinetic Sliver. In the second game I had a draw involving Ivory Giant and Momentary Blink that would have decimated any non-White deck; unfortunately, my opponent simply played a Quilled Sliver, and a pair of Watcher Slivers, and I was stonewalled while his Duskrider Peregrine and Errant Ephemeron dealt me twenty.

Until tomorrow,


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