Drafting With Rich – Time Spiral #1

That’s right, folks… he’s back! Time Spiral drafts on MTGO start today, and to celebrate we have a new series of Drafting With Rich, starting today. As usual, Rich takes us through a draft each day, from pick one to pick forty-five, and adds his final decklist and preliminary thoughts on his build and his final performance. Rich also mans the forums, answering your more intricate questions regarding his choices. Welcome back, fella… we’ve missed you.


Pack 1:

Chromatic Star, Tolarian Sentinel, Flowstone Channeler, Trespasser il-Vec, Spinneret Sliver, Fortify, Prismatic Lens, Ground Rift, Eternity Snare, Skulking Knight, Fallen Ideal, Ignite Memories, Voidmage Husher, Squall Line, Avalanche Riders

Pick: Avalanche Riders

Pack 2:

Icatian Crier, Dark Withering, Goblin Skycutter, Crookclaw Transmuter, Strength in Numbers, Sage of Epityr, Divine Congregation, Mindlash Sliver, Thallid Shell-Dweller, Dreadship Reef, Haunting Hymn, Angel’s Grace, Hail Storm, Sidewinder Sliver

Pick: Crookclaw Transmuter

Pack 3:

Deathspore Thallid, Flowstone Channeler, Herd Gnarr, Trespasser il-Vec, Plunder, Eternity Snare, Molder, Venser’s Sliver, Children of Korlis, Aspect of Mongoose, Fungal Reaches, Celestial Crusader, Scragnoth

Pick: Trespasser il-Vec

Pack 4:

Gorgon Recluse, Herd Gnarr, Fortify, Coal Stoker, Deathspore Thallid, Blazing Blade Askari, Shadow Sliver, Ophidian Eye, Watcher Sliver, Fool’s Demise, Gustcloak Cavalier, Thunder Totem

Pick: Coal Stoker

Pack 5:

Pentarch Ward, Bonesplitter Sliver, Dark Withering, Ashcoat Bear, Aetherflame Wall, Detainment Spell, Bewilder, Scryb Ranger, Outrider en-Kor, Dread Return, Living End

Pick: Dark Withering

Pack 6:

Zealot il-Vec, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Ghitu Firebreathing, Momentary Blink, Greenseeker, Pit Keeper, Divine Congregation, Urza’s Factory, Fungal Reaches, Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician

Pick: Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician

Pack 7:

Aether Web, Temporal Eddy, Mogg War Marshal, Basal Sliver, Drifter il-Dal, Mindlash Sliver, Havenwood Wurm, Fool’s Demise, Flying Men

Pick: Mogg War Marshal

Pack 8:

Mindstab, Castle Raptors, Venser’s Sliver, Clockspinning, Bogardan Rager, Sangrophage, Divine Congregation, Grinning Totem

Pick: Castle Raptors

Pack 9:

Chromatic Star, Fortify, Ground Rift, Eternity Snare, Skulking Knight, Fallen Ideal, Ignite Memories

Pick: Fortify

Pack 10:

Sage of Epityr, Divine Congregation, Mindlash Sliver, Haunting Hymn, Angel’s Grace, Sidewinder Sliver

Pick: Sidewinder Sliver

Pack 11:

Plunder, Eternity Snare, Venser’s Sliver, Children of Korlis, Aspect of Mongoose

Pick: Venser’s Sliver

Pack 12:

Fortify, Shadow Sliver, Ophidian Eye, Fool’s Demise

Pick: Fortify

Pack 13:

Detainment Spell, Bewilder, Living End

Pick: Living End

Pack 14:

Ghitu Firebreathing, Divine Congregation

Pick: Ghitu Firebreathing

Pack 15:

Mindlash Sliver

Pick: Mindlash Sliver

Pack 16:

Spiketail Drakeling, Flamecore Elemental, Mana Skimmer, Nantuko Shaman, Coral Trickster, Sidewinder Sliver, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Viashino Bladescout, Ophidian Eye, Molder, Yavimaya Dryad, Plated Pegasus, Knight of the Holy Nimbus, Pirate Ship

Pick: Knight of the Holy Nimbus

Pack 17:

Search for Tomorrow, Corpulent Corpse, Cancel, Empty the Warrens, Icatian Crier, Call to the Netherworld, Cyclopean Giant, Brass Gnat, Savage Thallid, Screeching Sliver, Truth or Tale, Fortune Thief, Ovinomancer

Pick: Empty the Warrens

Pack 18:

Terramorphic Expanse, Drudge Reavers, Crookclaw Transmuter, Empty the Warrens, Strength in Numbers, Chameleon Blur, Flickering Spirit, Ghitu Firebreathing, Bewilder, Foriysian Totem, Quilled Sliver, Curse of the Cabal

Pick: Foriysian Totem

Pack 19:

Mogg War Marshal, Think Twice, Ashcoat Bear, Jhoira’s Timebug, Chameleon Blur, Subterranean Shambler, Cyclopean Giant, Smallpox, Fungus Sliver, Gaea’s Liege, Forest

Pick: Mogg War Marshal

Pack 20:

Snapback, Aether Web, Cloudchaser Kestrel, Jedit’s Dragoons, Savage Thallid, Ancient Grudge, Call to the Netherworld, Scryb Ranger, Locket of Yesterdays, Academy Ruins

Pick: Cloudchaser Kestrel

Pack 21:

Slipstream Serpent, Gaze of Justice, Sangrophage, Viashino Bladescout, Mystical Teachings, Thrill of the Hunt, Paradise Plume, Dread Return, Ghitu Firebreathing

Pick: Viashino Bladescout

Pack 22:

Gorgon Recluse, Scarwood Treefolk, Orcish Cannonade, Keldon Halberdier, Wormwood Dryad, Mystical Teachings, Two-Headed Sliver, Prismatic Lens

Pick: Orcish Cannonade

Pack 23:

Thrill of the Hunt, Plunder, Skulking Knight, Brass Gnat, Dream Stalker, Saltcrusted Steppe, Dementia Sliver

Pick: Saltcrusted Steppe

Pack 24:

Flamecore Elemental, Sidewinder Sliver, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Viashino Bladescout, Molder, Plated Pegasus

Pick: Flamecore Elemental

Pack 25:

Call to the Netherworld, Cyclopean Giant, Brass Gnat, Screeching Sliver, Truth or Tale

Pick: Truth or Tale

Pack 26:

Empty the Warrens, Chameleon Blur, Ghitu Firebreathing, Bewilder

Pick: Empty the Warrens

Pack 27:

Jhoira’s Timebug, Cyclopean Giant, Forest

Pick: Jhoira’s Timebug

Pack 28:

Ancient Grudge, Locket of Yesterdays

Pick: Ancient Grudge

Pack 29:

Drudge Reavers, Goblin Skycutter, Cancel, Penumbra Spider, Pentarch Ward, Assassinate, Drifter il-Dal, Havenwood Wurm, Basal Sliver, Sage of Epityr, Duskrider Peregrine, Wipe Away, Barbed Shocker, Candles of Leng, Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

Pick: Duskrider Peregrine

Pack 30:

Fathom Seer, Flamecore Elemental, Gemhide Sliver, Feebleness, Castle Raptors, Shadow Sliver, Bogardan Rager, Traitor’s Clutch, Divine Congregation, Glass Asp, Assembly-Worker, Pendelhaven Elder, Phantom Wurm, Jasmine Boreal

Pick: Castle Raptors

Pack 31:

Benalish Cavalry, Feebleness, Looter il-Kor, Spinneret Sliver, Keldon Halberdier, Ivory Giant, Viscid Lemures, Ground Rift, Dream Stalker, Wormwood Dryad, Truth or Tale, Pull from Eternity, Kher Keep

Pick: Benalish Cavalry

Pack 32:

Cloudchaser Kestrel, Thallid Germinator, Terramorphic Expanse, Screeching Sliver, Psychotic Episode, Jedit’s Dragoons, Sprout, Foriysian Interceptor, Cavalry Master, Vampiric Sliver, Pendelhaven Elder, Twisted Abomination

Pick: Cloudchaser Kestrel

Pack 33:

Mindstab, Coal Stoker, Durkwood Baloth, Coral Trickster, Ivory Giant, Watcher Sliver, Blazing Blade Askari, Glass Asp, Traitor’s Clutch, Spirit Loop, Mirari

Pick: Ivory Giant

Pack 34:

Chromatic Star, Clockspinning, Sidewinder Sliver, Viscid Lemures, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Two-Headed Sliver, Krosan Grip, Tectonic Fiend, Might of Old Krosa, Saffi Eriksdotter

Pick: Chromatic Star

Pack 35:

Errant Doomsayers, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Detainment Spell, Psychotic Episode, Sprout, Aetherflame Wall, Pit Keeper, Paradox Haze, Hypergenesis

Pick: Errant Doomsayers

Pack 36:

Bonesplitter Sliver, Tendrils of Corruption, Think Twice, Penumbra Spider, Ancient Grudge, Greenseeker, Foriysian Interceptor, Conflagrate

Pick: Conflagrate

Pack 37:

Drudge Reavers, Drifter il-Dal, Havenwood Wurm, Basal Sliver, Sage of Epityr, Barbed Shocker, Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

Pick: Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

Pack 38:

Viscid Lemures, Ground Rift, Dream Stalker, Wormwood Dryad, Truth or Tale

Pick: Viscid Lemures

Pack 39:

Screeching Sliver, Psychotic Episode, Sprout, Foriysian Interceptor

Pick: Psychotic Episode

Pack 40:

Coal Stoker, Glass Asp, Traitor’s Clutch

Pick: Coal Stoker

Pack 41:

Clockspinning, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss

Pick: Mwonvuli Acid-Moss

Pack 42:

Psychotic Episode

Pick: Psychotic Episode

Final Decklist:

1 Avalanche Rifers
1 Benalish Cavalry
2 Castle Raptors
1 Chromatic Star
2 Cloudchaser Kestrel
2 Coal Stoker
1 Conflagrate
1 Duskrider Peregrine
1 Empty the Warrens
1 Errant Doomsayer
1 Foriysian Totem
2 Fortify
1 Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician
1 Ivory Giant
1 Knight of the Holy Nimbus
2 Mogg War Marshal
1 Pardic Dragon
1 Orcish Cannonade
9 Plains
8 Mountain

Here we are again. Time Spiral has finally made its way to Magic Online. At the time of writing, there are still no draft queues to be found, but I managed to top 8 the first release event I played. You can watch the replays of my matches in the room for tournament 840783. I lost a close semifinal to Olivier Ruel. The games don’t look very close, but had my draws been just slightly better I’d have been able to win. In the first game I needed just one more flyer before he was able to play Triskelavus, and in the second I needed to draw a fourth land for turn 5 with an opening hand that included three lands. As far as the draft goes, I don’t like Avalanche Riders as much as it appears, but I really dislike Green, so I was going to take Prismatic Lends first… but right before I did I remembered Avalanche Riders was Timeshifted, and checked to find out that it’s being bought for 4 tickets (bling bling). I know I’m going to have to answer a bunch of questions about this draft so I should probably just write an article giving my thoughts on the format.

Until tomorrow,


Draft recording done by Blargware‘s MTGO DraftCap. Support Blargware!