Drafting With Rich #9

Rich shares his Drafting technique in today’s installment of “Drafting With Rich!” As usual, he runs through a complete RGD draft from pick one to pick forty-five, and adds a brief commentary on his performance and final build. If you’d like some more detailed deconstruction, come visit the forums!


Pack 1:

Selesnya Sanctuary, Stasis Cell, Roofstalker Wight, Fists of Ironwood, Centaur Safeguard, Tidewater Minion, Dizzy Spell, Thoughtpicker Witch, Seismic Spike, Selesnya Signet, Veteran Armorer, Nullmage Shepherd, Conclave Phalanx, Belltower Sphinx, Moonlight Bargain

Pick: Belltower Sphinx

Pack 2:

Convolute, Golgari Rot Farm, Dogpile, Clinging Darkness, Bramble Elemental, Necromantic Thirst, Goblin Fire Fiend, Perplex, Peel from Reality, Shambling Shell, Fiery Conclusion, Dimir Machinations, Instill Furor, Ribbons of Night

Pick: Ribbons of Night

Pack 3:

Gaze of the Gorgon, Goblin Spelunkers, Greater Mossdog, Stinkweed Imp, Sparkmage Apprentice, Surge of Zeal, Sundering Vitae, Caregiver, Golgari Signet, Boros Signet, Vindictive Mob, Blockbuster, Reroute

Pick: Stinkweed Imp

Pack 4:

Votary of the Conclave, Terraformer, Ordruun Commando, Nightguard Patrol, Muddle the Mixture, Gate Hound, Zephyr Spirit, Lurking Informant, Skyknight Legionnaire, Conclave Equenaut, Overwhelm, Twisted Justice

Pick: Conclave Equenaut

Pack 5:

Coalhauler Swine, Dimir Aqueduct, Courier Hawk, Benevolent Ancestor, Surveilling Sprite, Elvish Skysweeper, Conclave’s Blessing, Dimir Infiltrator, Goliath Spider, Seed Spark, Cyclopean Snare

Pick: Dimir Aqueduct

Pack 6:

Mortipede, Torpid Moloch, War-Torch Goblin, Screeching Griffin, Rain of Embers, Dryad’s Caress, Dromad Purebred, Seeds of Strength, Dark Heart of the Wood, Flow of Ideas

Pick: Screeching Griffin

Pack 7:

Woodwraith Strangler, Drift of Phantasms, Incite Hysteria, Dizzy Spell, Infectious Host, Rally the Righteous, Wojek Embermage, Dowsing Shaman, Ghosts of the Innocent

Pick: Drift of Phantasms

Pack 8:

Boros Garrison, Induce Paranoia, Dimir Infiltrator, Grayscaled Gharial, Shred Memory, Golgari Signet, Ivy Dancer, Greater Forgeling

Pick: Dimir Infiltrator

Pack 9:

Stasis Cell, Roofstalker Wight, Dizzy Spell, Thoughtpicker Witch, Seismic Spike, Conclave Phalanx, Moonlight Bargain

Pick: Conclave Phalanx

Pack 10:

Convolute, Dogpile, Clinging Darkness, Necromantic Thirst, Goblin Fire Fiend, Dimir Machinations

Pick: Clinging Darkness

Pack 11:

Surge of Zeal, Caregiver, Vindictive Mob, Blockbuster, Reroute

Pick: Caregiver

Pack 12:

Votary of the Conclave, Muddle the Mixture, Gate Hound, Zephyr Spirit

Pick: Muddle the Mixture

Pack 13:

Coalhauler Swine, Courier Hawk, Conclave’s Blessing

Pick: Courier Hawk

Pack 14:

Torpid Moloch, Dromad Purebred

Pick: Dromad Purebred

Pack 15:

Woodwraith Strangler

Pick: Woodwraith Strangler

Pack 16:

Wild Cantor, Poisonbelly Ogre, Guardian’s Magemark, Wee Dragonauts, Runeboggle, Gruul Turf, Ostiary Thrull, Wildsize, Ogre Savant, Blind Hunter, Orzhov Signet, Hissing Miasma, Savage Twister, Shadow Lance, Rumbling Slum

Pick: Blind Hunter

Pack 17:

Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Benediction of Moons, Izzet Chronarch, Tin Street Hooligan, Crystal Seer, Silhana Ledgewalker, Douse in Gloom, Izzet Signet, Ghor-Clan Savage, Streetbreaker Wurm, Bloodscale Prowler, Thunderheads, Electrolyze, Hissing Miasma

Pick: Douse in Gloom

Pack 18:

Infiltrator’s Magemark, Withstand, Ostiary Thrull, Streetbreaker Wurm, Restless Bones, Petrahydrox, Skyrider Trainee, Runeboggle, Mourning Thrull, Cry of Contrition, Sinstriker’s Will, Primeval Light, Glint-Eye Nephilim

Pick: Ostiary Thrull

Pack 19:

Gruul Nodorog, Fencer’s Magemark, Poisonbelly Ogre, Leap of Flame, Wildsize, Silhana Ledgewalker, Withstand, Silhana Starfletcher, Orzhov Basilica, Starved Rusalka, Skarrg, the Rage Pits, Goblin Flectomancer

Pick: Orzhov Basilica

Pack 20:

Orzhov Euthanist, Silhana Starfletcher, Orzhov Basilica, Lionheart Maverick, Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Crystal Seer, Cry of Contrition, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Harrier Griffin, Gristleback, Conjurer’s Ban

Pick: Harrier Griffin

Pack 21:

Gruul Scrapper, Silhana Ledgewalker, Absolver Thrull, Scab-Clan Mauler, Tin Street Hooligan, Lionheart Maverick, Leap of Flame, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind, Frazzle

Pick: Absolver Thrull

Pack 22:

Ghost Warden, Izzet Signet, Restless Bones, Fencer’s Magemark, Wee Dragonauts, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Vacuumelt, Caustic Rain, Feral Animist

Pick: Ghost Warden

Pack 23:

Petrahydrox, Skyrider Trainee, Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Cremate, Necromancer’s Magemark, Absolver Thrull, Shattering Spree, Stitch in Time

Pick: Cremate

Pack 24:

Wild Cantor, Poisonbelly Ogre, Guardian’s Magemark, Runeboggle, Ostiary Thrull, Orzhov Signet, Hissing Miasma

Pick: Orzhov Signet

Pack 25:

Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Benediction of Moons, Tin Street Hooligan, Crystal Seer, Bloodscale Prowler, Hissing Miasma

Pick: Hissing Miasma

Pack 26:

Restless Bones, Skyrider Trainee, Cry of Contrition, Sinstriker’s Will, Primeval Light

Pick: Restless Bones

Pack 27:

Fencer’s Magemark, Leap of Flame, Starved Rusalka, Skarrg, the Rage Pits

Pick: Skarrg, the Rage Pits

Pack 28:

Lionheart Maverick, Cry of Contrition, Conjurer’s Ban

Pick: Cry of Contrition

Pack 29:

Lionheart Maverick, Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind

Pick: Lionheart Maverick

Pack 30:

Caustic Rain

Pick: Caustic Rain

Pack 31:

Steeling Stance, Wrecking Ball, Sandstorm Eidolon, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Rakdos Carnarium, Haazda Exonerator, Overrule, Gobhobbler Rats, Delirium Skeins, Sporeback Troll, Valor Made Real, Plaxcaster Frogling, Brace for Impact, Spell Snare, Cytoplast Manipulator

Pick: Cytoplast Manipulator

Pack 32:

Simic Initiate, Vision Skeins, Riot Spikes, Soulsworn Jury, Enemy of the Guildpact, Utvara Scalper, Freewind Equenaut, Azorius Chancery, Psychotic Fury, Seal of Doom, Verdant Eidolon, Supply / Demand, Flaring Flame-Kin, Vigean Intuition

Pick: Seal of Doom

Pack 33:

Guardian of the Guildpact, Silkwing Scout, Cackling Flames, Macabre Waltz, Thrive, Shielding Plax, Vesper Ghoul, Enigma Eidolon, Gobhobbler Rats, Valor Made Real, Condemn, Skyscribing, Trygon Predator

Pick: Condemn

Pack 34:

Vesper Ghoul, Taste for Mayhem, Street Savvy, Vigean Hydropon, Utopia Sprawl, Freewind Equenaut, Azorius Signet, Sandstorm Eidolon, Ignorant Bliss, Ghost Quarter, Paladin of Prahv, Wakestone Gargoyle

Pick: Wakestone Gargoyle

Pack 35:

Cytospawn Shambler, Guardian of the Guildpact, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Nettling Curse, Kill-Suit Cultist, Street Savvy, Azorius First-Wing, Writ of Passage, Brain Pry, Might of the Nephilim, Azorius Guildmage

Pick: Azorius Guildmage

Pack 36:

Beacon Hawk, Enemy of the Guildpact, Riot Spikes, Taste for Mayhem, Simic Initiate, Vigean Hydropon, Steeling Stance, Macabre Waltz, Stoic Ephemera, Evolution Vat

Pick: Stoic Ephemera

Pack 37:

Haazda Exonerator, Delirium Skeins, Kill-Suit Cultist, Azorius First-Wing, Ogre Gatecrasher, Demon’s Jester, Pain Magnification, Squealing Devil, Novijen, Heart of Progress

Pick: Azorius First-Wing

Pack 38:

Carom, Entropic Eidolon, Utopia Sprawl, Shielding Plax, Whiptail Moloch, Writ of Passage, Plumes of Peace, Drekavac

Pick: Plumes of Peace

Pack 39:

Steeling Stance, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Haazda Exonerator, Overrule, Delirium Skeins, Valor Made Real, Brace for Impact

Pick: Overrule

Pack 40:

Simic Initiate, Vision Skeins, Riot Spikes, Soulsworn Jury, Utvara Scalper, Psychotic Fury

Pick: Soulsworn Jury

Pack 41:

Macabre Waltz, Vesper Ghoul, Enigma Eidolon, Valor Made Real, Skyscribing

Pick: Macabre Waltz

Pack 42:

Vesper Ghoul, Street Savvy, Vigean Hydropon, Ghost Quarter

Pick: Ghost Quarter

Pack 43:

Nettling Curse, Street Savvy, Writ of Passage

Pick: Writ of Passage

Pack 44:

Taste for Mayhem, Steeling Stance

Pick: Steeling Stance

Pack 45:

Kill-Suit Cultist

Pick: Kill-Suit Cultist

Final Decklist:


1 Conclave Equenaut
1 Conclave Phalanx
1 Courier Hawk
1 Ghost Warden
1 Harrier Griffin
1 Condemn
1 Soulsworn Jury
1 Stoic Ephemera
1 Wakestone Gargoyle
1 Belltower Sphinx
1 Drift of Phantasms
1 Clinging Darkness
1 Douse in Gloom
1 Ostiary Thrull
1 Ribbons of Night [FOIL]
1 Seal of Doom
1 Stinkweed Imp
1 Macabre Waltz
1 Orzhov Signet
1 Blind Hunter
1 Dimir Infiltrator
1 Azorius First-Wing
1 Azorius Guildmage
1 Plumes of Peace
1 Dimir Aqueduct
1 Orzhov Basilica
4 Island
6 Plains
4 Swamp


1 Absolver Thrull
1 Caregiver
1 Caustic Rain
1 Cremate
1 Cry of Contrition
1 Cytoplast Manipulator
1 Dromad Purebred
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Hissing Miasma
1 Kill-Suit Cultist
1 Lionheart Maverick
1 Muddle the Mixture
1 Overrule
1 Restless Bones
1 Screeching Griffin
1 Skarrg, the Rage Pits
1 Steeling Stance
1 Woodwraith Strangler
1 Writ of Passage

I felt that this deck was one of (if not the) best deck I’ve had in this format, so obviously I lost round 1. I took the Conclave Equenaut fourth because I don’t like Twisted Justice as much as most, and I felt I had the perfect start to a UWB flyer deck. I lost the first game because I had trouble getting to five mana, and when I eventually did he had Vacuumelt to get his Simic Sky Swallower and Sisters of Stone Death through my defenses. Next game he was a bit flooded, but I had the Overrule I brought in for his bombs in hand the whole game. In the third game I missed my third and fifth land drops, and again got Vacuumelted just as I was gaining complete control. Again I nearly won, and would have if he hadn’t drawn Runeboggle the turn after Vacuumelt.

Until Monday,


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