Drafting With Kenji – TPF #2

Richie Hoaen, our resident draft expert for many a month, has decided to hang up his boots… and in his place we’re proud to announce Kenji Tsumura! As before, Kenji will take us through a Time Spiral draft from pick 1 to pick 45, before sharing his draft deck and commenting briefly on the games. Thanks for the great run, Rich, we’ll miss you… and hello Kenji!


Pack 1:

Castle Raptors, Gorgon Recluse, Spiketail Drakeling, Orcish Cannonade, Amrou Scout, Dream Stalker, Watcher Sliver, Blazing Blade Askari, Glass Asp, *, *, Telekinetic Sliver, Vesuva, Giant Oyster, Watcher Sliver

Pick: Castle Raptors

Pack 2:

Snapback, Aether Web, Cloudchaser Kestrel, Drudge Reavers, Divine Congregation, Jhoira’s Timebug, Chameleon Blur, Subterranean Shambler, Cyclopean Giant, Outrider en-Kor, Premature Burial, Conflagrate, Moonlace, Auratog

Pick: Outrider en-Kor

Pack 3:

Goblin Skycutter, Cancel, Pentarch Ward, Assassinate, Thallid Germinator, Screeching Sliver, Psychotic Episode, Jedit’s Dragoons, Sprout, Might Sliver, Phyrexian Totem, Truth or Tale, Mangara of Corondor

Pick: Mangara of Corondor

Pack 4:

Dark Withering, Goblin Skycutter, Strength in Numbers, Zealot il-Vec, Urborg Syphon-Mage, Ghitu Firebreathing, Pit Keeper, Thunder Totem, Pull from Eternity, *, Sol’kanar the Swamp King, Lim-Dul the Necromancer

Pick: Dark Withering

Pack 5:

Corpulent Corpse, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Search for Tomorrow, Icatian Crier, Call to the Netherworld, Havenwood Wurm, Basal Sliver, Sage of Epityr, Firewake Sliver, *, Plated Pegasus

Pick: Corpulent Corpse

Pack 6:

Gorgon Recluse, Fortify, Coal Stoker, Deathspore Thallid, Children of Korlis, Sangrophage, Viashino Bladescout, Mystical Teachings, Smallpox, Saltcrusted Steppe

Pick: Deathspore Thallid

Pack 7:

Chromatic Star, Traitor’s Clutch, Plunder, Eternity Snare, Molder, Venser’s Sliver, Assembly-Worker, Plated Pegasus, Eron the Relentless

Pick: Chromatic Star

Pack 8:

Ivory Giant, Mindstab, Slipstream Serpent, Thrill of the Hunt, Plunder, Skulking Knight, Brass Gnat, Harmonic Sliver

Pick: Ivory Giant

Pack 9:

Dream Stalker, Watcher Sliver, Blazing Blade Askari, Glass Asp, Aspect of Mongoose, Skittering Monstrosity, Vesuva

Pick: Watcher Sliver

Pack 10:

Drudge Reavers, Divine Congregation, Jhoira’s Timebug, Chameleon Blur, Cyclopean Giant, Moonlace

Pick: Cyclopean Giant

Pack 11:

Cancel, Screeching Sliver, Psychotic Episode, Sprout, Truth or Tale

Pick: Psychotic Episode

Pack 12:

Ghitu Firebreathing, Pit Keeper, Pull from Eternity, Lim-Dul the Necromancer

Pick: Lim-Dul the Necromancer

Pack 13:

Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Call to the Netherworld, Sage of Epityr

Pick: Call to the Netherworld

Pack 14:

Children of Korlis, Mystical Teachings

Pick: Mystical Teachings

Pack 15:


Pick: Plunder

Pack 16:

Cradle to Grave, Reflex Sliver, Dreamscape Artist, Poultice Sliver, Fury Charm, Wistful Thinking, Citanul Woodreaders, Firefright Mage, Essence Warden, *, *, Auramancer’s Guise, Treacherous Urge, Mycologist, Retether

Pick: Cradle to Grave

Pack 17:

Dead / Gone, Reflex Sliver, Poultice Sliver, Spitting Sliver, Deadly Grub, Aquamorph Entity, Firefright Mage, Bog Serpent, Skirk Shaman, Essence Warden, Phantasmagorian, Shivan Meteor, Frozen Aether, Life and Limb

Pick: Dead / Gone

Pack 18:

Whitemane Lion, Midnight Charm, Saltfield Recluse, Synchronous Sliver, Dust Corona, Reality Acid, Blightspeaker, Sinew Sliver, Simian Spirit Guide, Dismal Failure

Pick: Saltfield Recluse

Pack 19:

Veiling Oddity, Synchronous Sliver, Giant Dustwasp, Dawn Charm, Ghost Tactician, Fury Charm, Evolution Charm, Merfolk Thaumaturgist, Vampiric Link, Sophic Centaur, Riftmarked Knight, Reckless Wurm

Pick: Riftmarked Knight

Pack 20:

Utopia Vow, Spitting Sliver, Stingscourger, Keldon Marauders, Ghost Tactician, Wistful Thinking, Revered Dead, Merfolk Thaumaturgist, Brute Force, Porphyry Nodes, Magus of the Bazaar

Pick: Porphyry Nodes

Pack 21:

Midnight Charm, Needlepeak Spider, Reality Acid, Deadly Grub, Citanul Woodreaders, Brain Gorgers, Fa’adiyah Seer, Pongify, Waning Wurm, Magus of the Tabernacle

Pick: Magus of the Tabernacle

Pack 22:

Needlepeak Spider, Aven Riftwatcher, Cradle to Grave, Fury Charm, Vitaspore Thallid, Piracy Charm, Fa’adiyah Seer, Venarian Glimmer, Mesa Enchantress

Pick: Cradle to Grave

Pack 23:

Ridged Kusite, Erratic Mutation, Battering
Sliver, Reflex Sliver, Pallid Mycoderm, Deadly Grub, Piracy Charm, Healing Leaves

Pick: Pallid Mycoderm

Pack 24:

Fury Charm, Wistful Thinking, Firefright Mage, Bog Serpent, Auramancer’s Guise, Mycologist, Retether

Pick: Bog Serpent

Pack 25:

Reflex Sliver, Deadly Grub, Firefright Mage, Bog Serpent, Frozen Aether, Life and Limb

Pick: Bog Serpent

Pack 26:

Dust Corona, Reality Acid, Simian Spirit Guide, Darkheart Sliver, Needlepeak Spider

Pick: Needlepeak Spider

Pack 27:

Ghost Tactician, Fury Charm, Merfolk Thaumaturgist, Vampiric Link

Pick: Ghost Tactician

Pack 28:

Keldon Marauders, Ghost Tactician, Wistful Thinking

Pick: Ghost Tactician

Pack 29:

Fa’adiyah Seer, Waning Wurm

Pick: Waning Wurm

Pack 30:

Unblinking Bleb, Llanowar Augur, Riddle of Lightning, Venser’s Diffusion, Judge Unworthy, Virulent Sliver, Frenzy Sliver, Ghostfire, Fomori Nomad, Patrician’s Scorn, Logic Knot, Ramosian Revivalist

Pick: Judge Unworthy

Pack 31:

Samite Censer-Bearer, Infiltrator il-Kor, Putrid Cyclops, Rift Elemental, Llanowar Empath, Grinning Ignus, Whip-Spine Drake, Mass of Ghouls, Lucent Liminid, Thornweald Archer, Flowstone Embrace, Char-Rumbler, Utopia Mycon, Intervention Pact

Pick: Whip-Spine Drake

Pack 32:

Aven Augur, Ichor Slick, Bogardan Lancer, Knight of Sursi, Grave Peril, Wrap in Vigor, Mass of Ghouls, Vedalken Aethermage, Blade of the Sixth Pride, Sporoloth Ancient, *, Minions’ Murmurs, Llanowar Reborn

Pick: Ichor Slick

Pack 33:

Venser’s Diffusion, Sprout Swarm, Oblivion Crown, Saltskitter, Cutthroat il-Dal, Deepcavern Imp, Flowstone Embrace, Nessian Courser, Sarcomite Myr, Stronghold Rats, Dakmor Salvage, Arc Blade

Pick: Deepcavern Imp

Pack 34:

Leaden Fists, Gift of Granite, Augur of Skulls, Lost Hours, Thornweald Archer, Blind Phantasm, Lumithread Field, Grinning Ignus, Edge of Autumn, Aven Mindcensor, Arcanum Wings

Pick: Aven Mindcensor

Pack 35:

Petrified Plating, Leaden Fists, Saltskitter, Deepcavern Imp, Fomori Nomad, Logic Knot, Vedalken Aethermage, Snake Cult Initiation, Emblem of the Warmind, Rites of Flourishing

Pick: Deepcavern Imp

Pack 36:

Unblinking Bleb, Lost Hours, Wrap in Vigor, Frenzy Sliver, Mesmeric Sliver, Patrician’s Scorn, Henchfiend of Ukor, Fleshwrither, Bloodshot Trainee

Pick: Fleshwrither

Pack 37:

Llanowar Augur, Samite Censer-Bearer,
Homing Sliver, Lymph Sliver, Virulent Sliver, Llanowar Mentor, Sliversmith, Dust of Moments

Pick: Lymph Sliver

Pack 38:

Unblinking Bleb, Llanowar Augur, Venser’s Diffusion, Frenzy Sliver, Fomori Nomad, Patrician’s Scorn, Logic Knot

Pick: Fomori Nomad

Pack 39:

Samite Censer-Bearer, Putrid Cyclops, Rift Elemental, Grinning Ignus, Mass of Ghouls, Utopia Mycon

Pick: Mass of Ghouls

Pack 40:

Bogardan Lancer, Grave Peril, Mass of Ghouls, Vedalken Aethermage, Minions’ Murmurs

Pick: Vedalken Aethermage

Pack 41:

Oblivion Crown, Saltskitter, Cutthroat il-Dal, Dakmor Salvage

Pick: Cutthroat il-Dal

Pack 42:

Gift of Granite, Lost Hours, Arcanum Wings

Pick: Gift of Granite

Pack 43:

*, *

Pick: *

Pack 44:


Pick: *

Final Decklist:


1 Corpulent Corpse
1 Ivory Giant
1 Deathspore Thallid
1 Aven Mindcensor
2 Deepcavern Imp
1 Mangara of Corondor
1 Outrider en-Kor
1 Riftmarked Knight
1 Saltfield Recluse
1 Whip-Spine Drake
1 Fleshwrither
1 Magus of the Tabernacle
Pallid Mycoderm
1 Castle Raptors
1 Mass of Ghouls
10 Plains
8 Swamp
1 Porphyry Nodes
2 Cradle to Grave
1 Judge Unworthy
1 Ichor Slick
1 Dark Withering


2 Bog Serpent
1 Call to the Netherworld
1 Chromatic Star
1 Cutthroat il-Dal
1 Cyclopean Giant
1 Dead // Gone
1 Fa’adiyah Seer
1 Fomori Nomad
2 Ghost Tactician
1 Gift of Granite
1 Lim-Dul the Necromancer [FOIL]
1 Lymph Sliver
1 Mystical Teachings
1 Needlepeak Spider [FOIL]
1 Patrician’s Scorn
1 Plunder
1 Psychotic Episode
2 Vedalken Aethermage
1 Waning Wurm
1 Watcher Sliver

My first pick was difficult, because there were four solid White cards amongst a group of not-so-good non-White options. I could happily ship the four White cards and let the others sort it out, but Castle Raptors is so much better than the rest.

Round 1 I played against a Green/Red/White deck. Game 1 saw my opponent color-screwed early, but he managed to wreck my team with a Molten Disaster powered by Grinning Ignus. Happily, I had five removal spells plus Corpulent Corpse in hand, and took him down shortly after. In game 2, my Magus of the Tablernacle rocked his world, and my flyers pecked him to death.

Round 2 I played against Green/White/Red Slivers. In game 1, my Outrider en-Kor trumped his weaker slivers, and his Giant Dustwasp bit the fat end of my Cradle to Grave. My Corpulent Corpse and Ivory Giant held the ground. Dark Withering took out his Might Sliver, and the cheeky Fleshwrither brought forth Magus of the Tabernacle. Creatures died, and I won. Game 2 was slower, and my first action saw my Cradle to Grave take out a Firewake Sliver. I couldn’t hold back for a better target as my hand was packed with guys (including Mangara), and I needed to develop my board. I quickly suspended Riftmarked Knight and Corpulent Corpse, leaving Mangara and Judge Unworthy to deal with his tricky guys. Down came Castle Raptors, Mass of Ghouls, and the mighty Magus… and, not surprisingly, these were enough to win.

I split the finals.

Before this draft, I wasn’t keen on Magus of the Tabernacle. I viewed it as a nice sideboard option, and nothing special. Now? Wow! It won me three games. If the board is in my favor in any way, my opponent is forced to ditch his little guys in order to make a better threat. And let’s face it, even if he DOES make a better threat, the Magus can block almost anything. Support this 2/6 with flyers, and you have one hell of an offense.

Until tomorrow,


[Editor’s Note: Apologies for the misisng picks in some packs. There are a few teething troubles that we’re in the process of ironing out. Rest assured they’ll be fewer as the drafts progress. – Craig.]

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