Drafting with Kenji – Scars of Mirrodin #4!

Tuesday, November 30th – Kenji is one of the most successful pros in the game and has earned more than $140K in prize money. Now, you can experience his draft first-hand and read his commentary on his picks and plays.

  Pack 1 pick 1:

  My Pick:

Both Revoke Existence and Slice in Twain are first-pick quality cards but Flametongue Kavu definitely seems like the best card in this pack.

  Pack 1 pick 2:

  My Pick:

Leaden Myr seems like the best black card in this pack but I’ve found that I always take mana Myr earlier than other people do. So I decided not to take mana Myr with early picks this time.

With Leaden Myr out of the equation I had to choose between Bloodshot Trainee and Ghalma’s Warden. I think Bloodshot Trainee is a really good threat and given that it’s so early in the draft I have a good chance to pick up some equipment that gives plus two.

  Pack 1 pick 3:

  My Pick:

I don’t like to draft B/W but I didn’t get a good signal for black and Revoke Existence is a pretty good card to get third.

  Pack 1 pick 4:

  My Pick:

I like both Glint Hawk and Fume Spitter. Glint Hawk is a good card in some aggro decks but Fume Spitter is always good without anything. It’s just a good card.

  Pack 1 pick 5:

  My Pick:

This pack showed me that white was open. If I had taken Instill Infection I could’ve sent a signal saying “I’m playing black.” But my last three picks suggest that white is likely to be much better than black.

  Pack 1 pick 6:

  My Pick:

Yes I was right no more black cards here. Riddlesmith is the best card in the pack but I want to keep picking white cards.

  Pack 1 pick 7:

  My Pick:

This Wall is really good in control decks.

  Pack 1 pick 8:

  My Pick:

What a nice gift! At this point I was aiming at a mono-white artifact deck.

  Pack 1 pick 9:

  My Pick:

Combos nicely with my Glint Hawk.

  Pack 1 pick 10:

  My Pick:

  Pack 1 pick 11:

  My Pick:

Abuna Acolyte is a good card. Sometimes it does nothing but at the very least it’s a good sideboard card against poison decks.

  Pack 1 pick 12:

  My Pick:

  Pack 1 pick 13:

  My Pick:

  Pack 1 pick 14:

  My Pick:

  Pack 1 pick 15:

  My Pick:

  Pack 2 pick 1:

  My Pick:

This was tough pick. Maybe I should’ve taken the Perilous Myr?

  Pack 2 pick 2:

  My Pick:

I need to make sure that I end up with enough artifacts if I want to take advantage of metalcraft – and the Spellbombs are pretty good no matter what.

  Pack 2 pick 3:

  My Pick:

Painsmith and Chrome Steed are both good cards for my deck but I wanted to take some equipment to make my Kemba better.

  Pack 2 pick 4:

  My Pick:

Wow! What a great pack. I spent a lot of time thinking about this pick but I ultimately went with the Hippogriff over the Arrest.

  Pack 2 pick 5:

  My Pick:

I went for Infiltration Lens because I still felt like I needed more equipment for Kemba. However I should’ve realized that I only had two black cards. It’s likely that I should’ve taken one of the really good blue cards in the pack like Trinket Mage or Darkslick Drake.

  Pack 2 pick 6:

  My Pick:

I wanted to take white card as I realized that I have an almost mono-white deck at this point. So Glint Hawk is a much better pick for me than Fume Spitter here.

  Pack 2 pick 7:

  My Pick:

It makes my Hippogriff better. And I read the coverage of GP Nashville so I wanted to search for Mindslaver or some other good artifact with this 🙂 (if I could get them in the future). By the way congratulations Gerry!

  Pack 2 pick 8:

  My Pick:

I thought I could get one or two more Glint Hawks so I took another Necrogen Censer in case that happened.

  Pack 2 pick 9:

  My Pick:


  Pack 2 pick 10:

  My Pick:

What a great card to pick up tenth!

  Pack 2 pick 11:

  My Pick:

Auriok Replica is a lot like Abuna Acolyte. It’s not good enough in many cases but at least it’s a good sideboard card against poison.

  Pack 2 pick 12:

  My Pick:

  Pack 2 pick 13:

  My Pick:

  Pack 2 pick 14:

  My Pick:

  Pack 2 pick 15:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 1:

  My Pick:

This wasn’t an exciting pack but the Spellbomb is solid in my deck.

  Pack 3 pick 2:

  My Pick:

Tumble Magnet is a just good card. In addition it goes great with my Glint Hawks.

  Pack 3 pick 3:

  My Pick:

It combos with my Necrogen Censers and Magnet. It’s also nice to hate-draft this from poison decks.

  Pack 3 pick 4:

  My Pick:

Yes! A second Tumble Magnet is very good for me. Painsmith is also a good card but Tumble Magnet is much better.

  Pack 3 pick 5:

  My Pick:

Sure I’ll take it this time.

  Pack 3 pick 6:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 7:

  My Pick:

I already had enough cards so it was natural to cut such a bomb.

  Pack 3 pick 8:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 9:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 10:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 11:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 12:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 13:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 14:

  My Pick:

  Pack 3 pick 15:

  My Pick:

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1 Auriok Replica

1 Fume Spitter

2 Ghalma’s Warden

2 Glint Hawk

1 Kuldotha Forgemaster

1 Painsmith

1 Razor Hippogriff

1 Skinrender

1 Wall of Tanglecord

1 Glint Hawk Idol

1 Revoke Existence

1 Throne of Geth

2 Tumble Magnet

3 Origin Spellbomb

4 Necrogen Censer

7 Swamp

10 Plains


1 Vault Skyward

1 Volition Reins

1 Bloodshot Trainee

1 Wing Puncture

2 Psychic Miasma

2 Abuna Acolyte

1 Salvage Scout

1 Fulgent Distraction

1 Echo Circlet

1 Razorfield Thresher

1 Infiltration Lens

1 Vulshok Heartstoker

1 Blistergrub

2 Mountain

1 Ghalma’s Warden

1 Kemba Kha Regent

1 Dross Hopper

1 Assault Strobe

1 Sylvok Lifestaff

Round 1 GB Poison

Game 1

He started with Vector Aspm which told me that he was playing a poison deck. My Wall of Tanglecord Ghalma’s Warden and Tumble Magnet did a great job
keeping me alive.

When I exiled his Bladed Pinions with my Revoke Existence there was nothing he could do to stop my Glint Hawks and Necrogen Censer.

I boarded out three Necrogen Censers and boarded in two Acolytes and a Ghalma’s Warden.

Game 2

I started with Origin Spellbomb Abuna Acolyte and Ghalma’s Warden. These shut down all of his stuff. Then I played a ton of artifacts and Kuldotha
Forgemaster. It wasn’t long before the game was over.


Round 2 WB Metalcraft

Game 1

I kept Origin Spellbomb Glint Hawk Necrogen Censer and four lands. I drew six more lands and Tumble Magnet. He had a Revoke Existence for my Tumble
Magnet so I could do nothing to stop his Rusted Relic and Auriok Sunchaser.

Game 2

I kept a risky hand. My opening seven contained two Necrogen Censers Skinrender Hippogriff Kuldotha Forgemaster and two Plains. Because I had three
Origin Spellbombs in my deck I figured I’d be able to draw out of it.

I eventually drew a third Plains while my opponent played Myrsmith Bladed Pinions and Ghalma’s Warden. I drew a Swamp but I could only play Tumble
Magnet which was exiled by Revoke Existence. He played Rusted Relic but I drew a second Swamp the next turn. My Skinrender caught his Relic and my
Kuldotha Forgemaster stopped all his creatures without flying.

This gave me enough time to activate Kuldotha Forgemaster’s ability. I wanted to search up my second Magnet with it. But unfortunately I drew
the last Magnet in my deck when I sacrificed Origin Spellbomb to Kuldotha Forgemaster.

My plan had been to tap his Ghalma’s Warden (that was equipped with Bladed Pinion) with my Magnet and get enough life to get back in the game by
casting Hippogriff. But I drew the Magnet so I searched for Wall of Tanglecord instead.

Then I played Necrogen Censer and Magnet and passed the turn. I could live if he had nothing but he played Darksteel Sentinel at the end of my turn
and I died to his next attack.

I’m sure I should’ve mulliganed that hand. I need to concentrate more and practice more.

I just want to say I’m really sorry for my miserable plays. It would make me very happy if you get something worthwhile from my articles and I
promise that I’ll concentrate more when I’m doing my future drafts.

Until next week.