Daily Digest: You Can Call Me Queen Bee

Standard is continuously looking for the next card that over-the-top strategies want. There has been a lot of speculation that Hornet Queen is the answer. Find out for yourself at #SCGDC!

Casting Hornet Queen is a pretty powerful thing to be doing in Standard. However, not many decks outside of Mono-Green Devotion have the luxury of doing
so. Perhaps we should take a different route and just try to cheat it into play.

UncleDolan finished 3-1 in a Magic Online Daily Event with this deck, which isn’t completely focused on cheating it into play, but it does prominently
feature Hornet Queen alongside Whip of Erebos. We could go down the path of playing Endless Obedience or Rescue from the Underworld, but I also like the
middle ground UncleDolan took.

Decks like these are typically poor against the various U/W Control decks in the format. UncleDolan realized this and decided to hedge his bets with
maindeck Slaughter Games! You might not necessarily be interested in naming Sphinx’s Revelation like everyone else though since Supreme Verdict tends to be
the real issue.

His deck also features some other cool cards, like Restock and Soul of Innistrad, both of which give him game going long and reward him for milling
himself. Hornet Nests out of the board harass all sorts of aggro decks, which I think is an under-utilized sideboard card.