Daily Digest: What’s In A Name?

The manabases in Standard have made for a lot of Jeskai Black staying power over the last season. Will we ever reach a consensus 60 cards for the archetype? It’s not clear, but GerryT is sure this latest version is a step in the right direction!

The StarCityGames.com Regional Championships, February 6!

When you hear “Jeskai Black,” what do you think of? Maybe it’s Pantheon’s Kolaghan’s Command and Tasigur, the Golden Fang deck from Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar, or perhaps it’s my updated version of that deck from #SCGATL that was based on Todd Anderson’s idea of cutting Mantis Rider and turning it into a control deck.

In this case, it’s an updated version of Team Lotus’s Stormchaser Mage burn deck. Despite having the same name, these decks play out wildly differently. Tenjum’s deck is definitely tempo-based, as he’s got a pile of threats (including Mantis Rider), plus things like Jeskai Charm and Goblin Dark-Dwellers.

Unsurprisingly, Reflector Mage finds another home in this deck as well. It’s one of those generically good cards that seems to be finding its way into everything. Similarly, Chandra, Flamecaller sits at the top end of this deck. Either it provides the last few points of damage, wipes the board, or gives you the gas you need to close the game.

However you plan on constructing your Jeskai Black deck, you can’t really go wrong. Pick a plan and stick with it. It doesn’t matter what strategy you go with because Jeskai Black has the tools to make it work. The only thing that matters is you picking a version you like and will play well.

The StarCityGames.com Regional Championships, February 6!