Daily Digest: Token Control

GerryT knows that Dragonlord Ojutai isn’t the only way to control the format. So too does one Magic Online user who likes a different approach for #SCGPORT!

If you don’t want to splurge for Dragonlord Ojutais but still want to play a control deck, you still have options. U/B Control is certainly one, but this version of U/W Control might be another.

Instead of slamming fatties, there’s another way to do it, and it’s conveniently good against Mono-Red Aggro as well–Tokens! Devouring Light is great with them, and Raise the Alarm is amazing against attackers like Foundry Street Denizen and even trades with Dragon Fodder, assuming there are no Atarka’s Command shenanigans involved. Secure the Wastes on Turn 4 or 5 should stabilize the board immediately. A Dictate of Heliod after that will provide a quick clock, which will give them less time to draw into a lethal amount of burn.

Of course, there’s still Elspeth, Sun’s Champion hiding out in the decklist, which is great against the emerging Deathmist Raptor decks. Narset Transcendent is pretty nice when your deck has zero creatures too, so this deck also has a mini-planeswalker theme going on.

It’s difficult to remove a Dragonlord Ojutai from play, but this deck might be pretty good against Esper Dragons. Your threats are instant speed, and cards that are typically good here are, so they’ll be hard pressed to fit all those Bile Blights into their deck post-board alongside all their counterspells and discard. Still, the sideboard could probably use some help from something like Mastery of the Unseen to really hammer it home.