Daily Digest: Time To Get Nasty!

Today’s Daily Digest looks at an odd U/W/R build – not quite aggro, not quite combo, sharing a lot in common with the Heroic/Cipher decks while being incredibly different at the same time. Take a look and give it a spin before #SCGVEGAS!

This deck is very exciting, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet. Hopefully with the Invitational behind me, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Nivix Cyclops didn’t get much non-Travis Woo love last year, but last year’s Standard was a little more powerful than today’s. Mono-Black Devotion is a reasonable Jund analogue and their Thoughtseizes certainly aren’t going to help your cause, but this deck is probably pretty good against everything else.

Most decks have a few removal spells to stop important things, but very few decks are focused on killing every single creature you play. Cards like Ajani’s Presence, Gods Willing, and even Boros Charm can protect your powerful creatures from the few removal spells they do draw. If you get to untap with a Nivix Cyclops or Guttersnipe, things aren’t going to end well for your opponent.

This deck occupies the same space as Hexproof, and I’m not sure which deck is better. I think I’d rather have a bunch of cantrips and protection with powerful creatures rather than weak creatures and a bunch of auras. Expect to hear my thoughts after playing some games with this deck soon!