Daily Digest: The Modern Festival Finals Champion

Today GerryT presents the winner of the MTGO Modern Festival – Dredgevine! Give it a spin as you prepare for the $5,000 #SCGCHI Premier IQ this weekend or your local PPTQ!

It’s not easy to win a tournament with 500 players and nearly ten thousand dollars on the line. Everyone is bringing their A game (except for me, I brought my solid B- game). Clearly, if you want to win, you register…



As a Jund player, I never liked going up against this deck – the matchup just felt impossible. Legion273 dispatched Elves, U/R Twin, and Affinity en route to winning a complete set of each legal card in Modern, which is a rather diverse group of decks to plow through. Maybe there’s more here than we thought.

Legion273’s list is fairly standard, although they did include a pair of Ghost Quarters alongside a Life from the Loam, clearly fearing the big mana decks. That Life from the Loam also gives you the lands necessary to start dropping large Golgari Grave-Trolls on your opponent too. Most lists opt for Stinkweed Imp or Grisly Salvage in that slot, so that’s a very big change.

Garltik’s deck has already been featured here, but it’s yet another take on Dredge. The last deck, however, is my favorite. Dredge can take a lot of damage from its lands, so Death’s Shadow might not be the worst inclusion. When you factor in the self-mill and Varolz, the Scar-Striped, you have an additional reason to at least try it. After all, who doesn’t want to kill their opponent with a 13/14 Birds of Paradise?

Dredge, Dredgevine, and its ilk have been neglected in Modern for far too long. Hopefully winning the Modern Festival Finals will cause people to finally take notice of these awesome decks.