Daily Digest: The Best Draft Deck In Standard

The BFZ Allies took a lot of heat when they were released, but it looks like they’re ready to compete! GerryT shows off this list that gathers Allies up along with victories!

Is Allies a thing, or do we have to wait until Oath of the Gatewatch? This deck might look like a very, very good Draft deck, but I’ve got to
imagine it’s at least reasonable against Atarka Red! Maindeck Kalastria Healer and Lantern Scout? Bring it on.

There’s a lot of incidental lifegain here, so Serene Steward is pretty nice. No mana should go unspent, which explains the lack of Shambling Vent. The
gameplan is to get in some early aggression, then keep it going with Silkwrap, Kor Bladewhirl, Serene Steward, or Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. There’s also
some nice drain effects to finish off your opponent if the battlefield gets clogged up.

Kalastria Healer is probably the best card in the deck, but Drana’s Emissary and Zulaport Cutthroat do a similar job. March from the Tomb can also do a
nice Rally the Ancestors impression, except that it’s permanent. I’m very surprised to not see more copies in the sideboard as well.

It would be nice to get some extra support, but we kinda have everything we need already.