Daily Digest: Stop Looking At Me, Swan!

GerryT remembers a time where you could abuse Swans of Bryn Argoll for some amazing value! Turns out, that strategy may still be the way to go this weekend at the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGDFW!

We haven’t seen this deck since LSV’s run at Worlds in 2008, but apparently it’s back! Swans of Bryn Argoll plays quite well with burn spells, and there have been some nice ones printed in the last seven years.

For starters, we get to play with Lightning Bolt again! Anger of the Gods is probably the best sweeper for the deck, and Harvest Pyre is a great lategame option. Skred also makes the cut, so Snow-Covered lands, including Mouth of Ronom comprise most of the manabase. Not only is Skred this deck’s “Doom Blade,” but none of the removal is truly dead since you can always target your own Swans of Bryn Argoll.

The other cool thing about this deck is that Swans of Bryn Argoll dodges popular removal like Abrupt Decay. Swans of Bryn Argoll conveniently has four power for Stubborn Denial as well, so you can counter the problematic removal spells on the cheap.

Of course, when a deck is based on a single card, it can be difficult to win when the deck doesn’t draw its namesake, and this is no different. I wouldn’t mind seeing some additional copies of Serum Visions and potentially Anticipate. I also think this deck could move some of the Blood Moons into the maindeck to make it feel a little more threat dense.