Daily Digest: So Splinter Twin Is Banned…

The Modern format changed positively overnight! With the new look of the format, what decks are making big gains? Which ones fell behind? Which ones would GerryT consider for #SCGATL’s Modern Classic? Well, this one for starters…

The bannings didn’t affect a lot of decks in Modern, including this one, which happens to contain four Deceiver Exarchs! It uses Bring to Light and Glittering Wish to assemble Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker alongside a creature that allows you to go infinite, such as Deceiver Exarch, Village Bell-Ringer, Restoration Angel, or Bounding Krasis. Bring to Light tutors for various pieces of the combo, and so do Primal Command and the under-utilized Glittering Wish.

With Glittering Wish, you can backdoor into anything via the sideboard Bring to Light, including a Kiki-Jiki. The sideboard is also full of random bullets, including Safewright Quest to find a land, Fracturing Gust to KO Affinity, Maelstrom Pulse for random permanents, Crumble to Dust for big mana, Sarkhan Unbroken as a threat, and Sin Collector for combo decks. The only thing that’s really missing is a Slaughter Games.

Since this deck needs to get to five mana, it contains a heavy amount of mana acceleration. Birds of Paradise and Sylvan Caryatid are obvious inclusions, but Arbor Elf plus Utopia Sprawl is a pretty busted combination also. Past that, there are combo pieces and some value tutor targets for Bring to Light. Overall, there aren’t many slots in this deck to play around with.

You might think that having a sideboard that consists entirely of Wish targets doesn’t leave you a lot of options, but I disagree. Several of these cards are worth boarding in for various matchups, as there will be one or two specific cards you want to Wish for. For example, against Burn, you could bring in the Rhox War Monk, Abrupt Decay, Bounding Krasis, and Sin Collector while still keeping the Kitchen Finks to Glittering Wish for. It’s not as narrow as you might think.