Daily Digest: Sarkhan, Formerly Unbroken

We all knew this day was coming eventually. It took a while, but GerryT has finally tracked down a very successful Temur list that features everyone’s favorite Dragon-loving planeswalker!

We’ve all been waiting for a good home for Sarkhan’s newest form, and Draconic91 thinks he’s found it. He finished fifth in a recent Magic Online PTQ,
highlighted by his 7-0 run in the swiss.

This deck kind of has it all: the tempo elements of Goblin Rabblemaster and Stubborn Denial, the lategame power of Sarkhan Unbroken and Dragonlord Atarka,
and the hard hitting of Thunderbreak Regent and Stormbreath Dragon. If you’re under early pressure, Draconic Roar is there to take some of the heat off,
which also makes your job easier.

As we’ve seen on SCGLive multiple times, Crater’s Claws tends to be a great game-ender, but only if you’re able to deal the first thirteen damage or so.
When your opponent is removing your threats one-by-one and they never get to get any hits in, Crater’s Claws ends up falling short. For that reason, I
really like the use of only one Crater’s Claws. If you draw one per game, it’s likely good, but it’s not often that you want to draw multiples.

The sideboard, unsurprisingly, features some of the cheapest and best cards in Temur, such as Roast, Disdainful Stroke, Rending Volley, Hornet Nest, and
Anger of the Gods. After sideboard, you don’t get many haymakers, but you do get to lower your curve in a number of matchups. That’s basically all you
want, especially considering all the haymakers are maindeck.

7-1 is far from a bad record, and this looks like one of the best Temur decks I’ve seen lately. That might not be saying much, but I think it’s about time
Temur makes its mark.