Daily Digest: Open The Cages

We’re approaching the end of the awkward middle period for Magic Online, which means the Pauper spotlight is almost finished. Don’t miss out on Magic’s most accessible competitive format! Get in on the fun and start growing Pauper in your community!

SCG Invitational in Columbus April 15-17!

We are ever so close to the release of Shadows over Innistrad on Magic Online, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time for some Pauper action!

A huge part of the Pauper format is the mana fixing. Prophetic Prism is an extremely popular choice not only for smoothing out a deck’s mana but also synergizing with the various bounce and artifacts-matter effects that litter Pauper decks.

MDK_Marshal’s deck utilizes similar concepts but in a completely different way from most. This five-color deck is similar to the old Extended Domain Zoo, using cards like Tribal Flames and Macta Rioters as huge payoffs.

While Abundant Growth cleanly fixes our mana on the cheap, Nylea’s Presence also gives Marshal’s deck all the land types it needs to fuel these powerful cards.

In addition to efficient beaters, this Domain deck has a nice collection of Pauper’s greatest hits. Tribal Flames and Lightning Bolt make up some of the best burn spells in the format, and there’s even a Brainstorm / Thought Scour / Unearth card quality package! Squadron Hawk is even here to pull off a nice combo with Brainstorm.

Unearth in particular is a card I’ve loved ever since I laid eyes on it, and it’s hard to get a better rate than a 5/5 creature for a single black mana.

The sideboard also dips into all four non-green colors and oozes quality. There’s a lot of targeted hate here between Edict effects, Circle of Protection: Red, and countermagic. All of our bases are nicely covered.

This deck is super-creative and is one of the best ways I’ve seen to leverage the five-color “good stuff” approach to an aggressive shell in the Pauper format.

SCG Invitational in Columbus April 15-17!