Daily Digest: One Last FNM

It’s almost time for a huge group of Standard cards to take a bow and walk off the stage. What will you do for your last FNM? If you’re undecided, GerryT recommends this sweet number. It’s good, it’s strong, it’s interesting, and sadly, it’s a little late.

If you’re looking to give Return to Ravnica one last hurrah for FNM this week, perhaps this deck is what you’re looking for. It might be tempting to sleeve
up Mono-Black or Mono-Blue Devotion one last time, but maybe you should just be having fun with your last tournament featuring some of your favorite cards.

This deck has some similarities to Mono-Blue Devotion, but it’s more like a burn deck than anything. Finally, we have Young Pyromancer and Master of Waves
working together in harmony! Master of Waves won’t be spewing out an entire army like it did in Mono-Blue Devotion, but even a couple tokens alongside some
Young Pyromancer tokens is going to be enough. If it’s not, at least you have burn spells to close out the game.

This deck actually looks pretty good, and I wish I had seen it earlier. This might have been a great deck for the Season Three Invitational. It might be
too late to win big money with it, but that’s okay. Money is nice, but having a blast with FNM can be way more rewarding.