Daily Digest: One Last FNM, Part 2

It’s great that more sweet decks are popping up. It’s too bad that you only have a few more days to use them! Try this control deck featuring one of GerryT’s favorite color combinations!

It’s a shame that these awesome decks show up so late in the season. This one features some of my favorite cards alongside some awesome converging strategies.

Sphinx’s Revelation creates a dynamic where as long as you’re stabilizing and drawing cards, eventually you’ll overpower your opponent with raw card advantage. In this case, you have things like Shrapnel Blast and Ensoul Artifact to close the game quickly, making Sphinx’s Revelation not as necessary. Additionally, burn spells like Warleader’s Helix and Magma Jet add up, taking some of the necessity out of actually connecting with Ensoul Artifact anyway.

Ensoul Artifact allows you to get aggressive early on and, if it’s enchanting something like Darksteel Ingot or Darksteel Citadel, it is a beautiful combo with Supreme Verdict.

This deck is a pure delight and if you give it a shot, let me know how it went!