Daily Digest: Obey Your Thirst

Looking for a budget Modern deck? This one may be for you! It’s aggressive, it’s streamlined for efficiency, it has lots of fast creatures, and it’s…blue?

Who knew that a bunch of little Sprites could beat down so effectively? On top of that, this deck is probably cheaper than ten tickets. For a Modern deck, that’s basically unheard of.

This deck functions like a Mono-Blue Tempo deck, using cheap creatures, counterspells, and things like Vapor Snag to stay ahead on the board. Scion of Oona pumps your team to speed up your clock, and Mistbind Clique is usually a Time Walk attached to a gigantic beater.

I’m sure there are improvements that could be made to the deck, even without breaking the bank. For example, Faeries used to run two copies of Pendelhaven to make their creatures a little more respectable in combat, and I could get behind that. And honestly, this deck might get better by taking a page out of Greg Hatch’s book and playing Martyr of Frost and Sky Hussar.

Are the sideboard Kraken’s Eyes better than Dragon’s Claws? It probably is since this is a Mono-Blue deck and its spells are all very cheap. However, Dragon’s Claw is probably more expensive, hence the inclusion of Kraken’s Eye in the first place, so who knows?