Daily Digest: No Sideboard? No Problem

Sideboarding is for the birds. Speaking of which, this sweet deck makes clever use of Beck//Call! It also makes use of other cool things, but a sideboard isn’t one of them!

I typically copy sweet decks that I see into a notepad file and go through them later when I’m writing this column. In this case, I thought I made a mistake and didn’t copy the sideboard, but a quick Google search revealed there was no mistake — Blind_Kid didn’t even use a sideboard on his way to 3-1ing his Daily Event.

With a deck this sweet, you don’t even need a sideboard.

Combo Elves was once the scourge of Extended, putting six (!) copies into the Top 8 of Pro Tour Berlin, a feat that I don’t believe has ever been replicated. Anyway, Beck is certainly no Glimpse of Nature, but one could argue that Modern isn’t quite as fast as Extended was. Additionally, the blue allows you to play Intruder Alarm which can generate mana very quickly. From there, a Summoner’s Pact for Craterhoof Behemoth could win you the game or Ant Queen plus Elvish Archdruid could make you infinite tokens.

It’s unlikely that this deck is as potent as the Extended version of Elves, but it’s a reasonable budget option if you’re just getting into the format. Plus, it’s a ton of fun!