Daily Digest: Mulcahy Strikes Again

Think you’ve seen every potential #SCGSTL $5,000 Premier IQ contender? Think again! GerryT has scoured the Pro Tour field and found one of the craziest brews we’ve seen this season so far!

Luke Mulcahy is getting pretty good at beating up Pro Tours with random concoctions of cards. Last time, he did it with Gather the Pack, and this time he’s back
with Obscuring Aether! Unfortunately, this time his Draft record kept him out of the money.

With 24 morphs, your opponents will always have to be guessing what you’re up to. Most of the time, though, their creatures are going to be leaving the
battlefield, so it’s not a huge guessing game. However, there will definitely be times where they point a removal spell at your morph, only for Icefeather
Aven to put it back into your hand. Sometimes it’s going to be a Stratus Dancer lurking that will counter one of your key spells. Maybe it will be a
face-down Deathmist Raptor that was simply bait.

The mana in this format allows you to do some incredible things, such as play four colors worth of morphs, plus Trail of Mystery, Mastery of the Unseen,
and Secret Plans to support them. While Mastery and Trail only show up as one-ofs in the maindeck, I could certainly see Secret Plans being something worth
exploring further. It protects your morphs from Wild Slash and most Fiery Impulses when they’re face-down while also providing a nice little engine.

Obscuring Aether is the real star here. If you start the game with one, your entire deck becomes better. If you have two, your deck is suddenly insane.
That’s not even taking into consideration how once you’re out of gas, you can turn Obscuring Aethers into little beaters. If you start with Obscuring
Aether, your deck goes from midrange deck to tempo deck, and that’s definitely a place I like to be.