Daily Digest: Mortal Dredge

Looking for something new to spice up your Standard experience? Look no further than the B/G Graveyard deck, which we haven’t seen in a while – and may be the next new and interesting take on some of our old favorite cards!

When there are cards that interact with the graveyard, you can bet that someone will find a “Dredge” deck. In this case, Pro Player Tzu-Ching Kuo has done a great job at bringing back this old favorite from last season with a strong finish at the Super Sunday Series.

Satyr Wayfinder, Commune with the Gods, and Magic Origins favorite (of mine at least) Gather the Pack do a lot of heavy lifting here. Most of these decks just want to put some stuff in the graveyard to cast a Gurmag Angler on the cheap, but this deck wants to keep its creatures in the graveyard.

For payoffs, this deck has the fairly obvious Whip of Erebos and Nighthowlers, but Nemesis of Mortals does a ton of work here too. It’s not uncommon to play a 5/5 on turn three, but where Gurmag Angler would leave your graveyard empty, instead Nemesis of Mortals leaves all the goodies behind. If Nighthowler follows it up, your opponent is going to be dead quickly. With all the self-milling, you should be able to assemble the Den Protector/Nighthowler combo with relative ease, especially since Commune and Gather both dig for Den Protector.

This deck might not be the next big thing, but if you’re looking for a fun alternative to a bunch of Abzan decks, this deck looks great.