Daily Digest: Mono-Time Warps

It’s pretty much accepted that taking extra turns can be impolite in Commander. In Modern? Not so much! You may not appreciate TKC55’s deck if you read through it too quickly, so be sure to take your time.

Playing Magic is obviously fun, so why not just take all the turns? That way, you get to have all the fun!

With either a Howling Mine or Dictate of Kruphix in play, it’s not difficult to chain Time Warps every turn. Even pseudo-Time Warps like Cryptic Command
and Exhaustion do their part. Of course, the difficult part is finding your Howling Mines, resolving them, and keeping them in play. To that end, TKC55 has
Serum Visions to find them, and Mikokoro, Center of the Sea to serve as a Howling Mine in a pinch. I’m pretty surprised to see the lack of Remands, but I
guess the splash for Explore (and Obstinate Baloth in the sideboard) was more important.

Once TKC55 has the lock established, he can “go infinite” with Elixir of Immortality and deck you. The easiest kill is probably attacking with the Faerie
Conclave ten times though. It’s certainly not a quick process, but you did want to play Magic, right?

TKC55 is the one who brought us G/R Tron, much to our editor’s delight, and that deck took off immediately. I’m not sure if this deck will follow in its
footsteps since it can be even more unstable than G/R Tron. If it did though, that would be a scary thought, but I’m sure Cedric could use a new deck to
stream with…