Daily Digest: Joe Drawsett

GerryT pays tribute to one of the great control players on the Open Series today. But be warned! If you plan to sleeve this one up for #SCGINVI, you’d better have your practice in!

Joe Lossett is great at making Top 8 of Open Series tournaments, but he also picks up a few draws along the way. That’s mostly due to playing some of the slowest but sweetest decks in their respective formats, such as Miracles and Five-Color Bring to Light. Despite being known as a Legacy player, he does quite well in Standard.

Last weekend, he made the Top 4 of #SCGDEN with the deck he’s been streaming with. His version likely has the most card advantage in the format. Cards like Den Protector, Kolaghan’s Command, Abzan Charm, and Jace add up to be quite the package, especially with Bring to Light to bring it all together.

The issue with all that stuff is that you’re good at getting far ahead when the battlefield is stable, but it takes a while to actually deal lethal damage. If you’re going to try this deck, get used to figuring out how to use your fetchlands, know what your gameplan is, and be prepared to play some long games.

Atarka Red and Four-Color Rally can be tough matchups, but they are fixable, so the sideboard contains mostly things for those matchups.

This deck is solid, Joe’s build is good, but I can’t stress how difficult it is to play. Get some practice in!