Daily Digest: Izzet Time?

GerryT knows there’s more than one way to skin (burn?) a cat. Check out this list that preys on certain Standard metagame powerhouses! It could be the springboard to #SCGINVI success!

If you caught the coverage of SCG DC last weekend, you know that Cedric Phillips and I talked about R/W Burn a lot. It seems like most people have
forgotten the deck exists. Rabble Red had a slow weekend, but if that deck is big in your area, some version of Burn is likely the best deck to combat it.

Maybe the problem is the difficult U/W Control matchup. Chris Kemple expertly defeated Seth Manfield on camera in both game 1s, but the sideboard games did
not look easy. Things like additional planeswalkers, Keranos, and Turn // Burn should help that matchup dramatically. Having Dispel, Negate, and Izzet
Charm for Sphinx’s Revelation can’t hurt either.

IWALKALONE’s version is more threat dense and is less focused on actual burn spells, but the plan is similar. The difficult-to-remove threats should help
the U/W Control matchup, but it certainly sacrifices a little in the creature matchup department to get there.

If you want to burn people for the last month until Khans of Tarkir but you’re sick of losing to Sphinx’s Revelation, you should give this a shot!