Daily Digest: How To Beat Mono-Red And U/R Thopters

It’s time to start beating back the Mono-Red and U/R Thopters aggro metagame from #PTOrigins, and today’s brew looks like it has what it takes – all while beating down pretty handily itself!

Indestructible 5/5s and flurries of burn spells got you down? Well, look no further as the Magic Online Daily Events have the answers. In this case, the answer is playing a different take on red aggro, except this one combines something old with something new.

This R/W Aggro deck that uN_NYA built is reminiscent of Ben Stark’s deck from Grand Prix Memphis, even though his deck was much more controlling. This deck foregoes that grindy route for a plan that is much more in synch with the Mono-Red Aggro decks that showed up at Pro Tour Origins. The full twenty burn spells complement a suite of Prowess creatures, Soulfire Grand Master for the late game, and Chained to the Rocks as an answer to big creatures, such as Siege Rhino, Hangarback Walker, or anything enchanted by an Ensoul Artifact.

It’s simple, but that’s what we need right now. Mono-Red Aggro proved to be a contender, but perhaps going down a more well-rounded path is where you want to go, especially if there’s going to be a sea of hate. Chained to the Rocks and Soulfire Grand Master are quite good at solving problems if the games go late.

The sideboard might need some adjusting, as the deck appears to be a little light on sideboard cards for the U/R Thopters matchup. Something like Smash to Smithereens or Revoke Existence would slot in nicely. Roast is solid (and better with Soulfire Grand Master), but Valorous Stance could also make an appearance. Having more cards for controlling decks might be useful, but maybe Outpost Siege is all you need.