Daily Digest: Hedonist Rakdos

It takes a special kind of mage to really appreciate what Rakdos is all about: killing stuff, sacrificing other stuff, and just having a reckless good time! You’ll have no shortage of fun if you take this one to the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGNJ or #SCGINDY!

What’s more pleasurable than making tokens and killing stuff? IAMHEDONISM doesn’t think there’s anything better in life. He took this Jund-esq Rakdos deck
to a 3-1 finish in a Modern Daily Event, and there’s a lot going on here that we haven’t seen before.

First of all, we have the duo of Pack Rat and Young Pyromancer. Between the two, you should have no shortage of excellent turn 2 plays, and both are
capable of taking over a game on their own. Secondly, there’s the combo of Young Pyromancer and Falkenrath Aristocrat, one that seems very powerful and
might be worth exploring further.

Other than that, there’s some discard, removal, and card drawing, none of which are out of place in a midrange deck. Overall, this deck looks sweet,
although the manabase and sideboard could likely use some work.