Daily Digest: Hard Nak Life

In securing yet another Grand Prix Top 8, one Hall of Famer has tweaked this Standard archetype to be a major player again! See the deck that just won’t die and take it to #SCGNJ’s $5,000 Standard Premier IQ!

Esper Dragons took down #GPBrussels last weekend, and it remained a popular choice for #GPKobe. Shuhei Nakamura and Martin Juza both put up solid finishes
with their version of the deck, including Shuhei’s millionth Top 8.

Not much has changed since Lucas Blohon’s winning decklist, but the few changes are significant. A heavier white splash is present, which is relatively
easy to do thanks to the fetchland + Battle land interaction.

Silkwrap takes the place of Blohon’s Ultimate Prices, giving you a little more action against Hangarback Walker and Anafenza, the Foremost. Since you’re
trying to control the earlygame with things like Foul-Tongue Invocation, having a clean answer to Hangarback Walker is nice, as Complete Disregard is
somewhat clunky. Fathom Feeder was also seen among the undefeated Day 1 decks as a replacement for Ultimate Price, but the Hangarback Walker problem is
still present.

The other big gain from the heavier white splash is Monastery Mentor out of the sideboard, which gives you a huge edge in the mirror match. Not only will
most players side out removal in the mirror, but even making one token might be enough to protect a future Dragonlord Ojutai from a Foul-Tongue Invocation.

Overall, I think these innovations are great, and should go a long way towards cementing Esper Dragon’s place in the metagame.