Daily Digest: Grixis Is Great

Don’t let the wedges of Khans block fool you, there are plenty of shards out there that are still playable and competitive. GerryT shows off one such example in today’s Daily Digest!

It’s tough out there for Shards. There’s not much multi-colored support, so you’re relying on the power level of a two-color deck but still end up with a three-color manabase. You don’t even get a tri-land! Not all of that is a downside though, as there are certainly some wedge decks that might be better served by trimming on some of those tri-lands for Temples anyway. A shard even gets to play the full eight fetchlands if it wants, which is pretty nice for delve.

This Grixis brew is working with the triple double of Stormbreath Dragon, Dig Through Time, and Hero’s Downfall, so the mana isn’t going to be perfect, but it’s still not that bad. There’s a lot of scrying and even a Tormenting Voice to smooth out your draws, and you don’t really need blue early outside of the underplayed Frost Walker.

I like this deck because it’s using a lot of the same tools as the best decks in Standard except that it’s also difficult to predict what’s in it. Even if you knew I was playing Grixis Midrange in a tournament, you wouldn’t be able to guess the exact contents of my deck, and that is certainly true of this variant with Frost Walker. You can’t imagine a deck with Frost Walker or Goblin Rabblemaster also plays Crux of Fate, but here we are.

This is also one of the few decks in the format that can cast Crux of Fate for maximum value, at least until Dragons of Tarkir comes out.