Daily Digest: Glittering Light

Bring to Light is a dangerous Magic card if you know how to use it! We’ve got one Magic Online user who has used it perhaps in the greatest way yet! Try this brew at the #SCGINDY Modern Classic on Sunday!

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<p>There are a lot of toolbox creature decks in Modern, but most of the popular flavors use the cards <a href=Collected Company and Chord of Calling. J65536D is employing a bit of a different strategy.

The Arbor Elf/Utopia Sprawl engine is criminally underused in the format, and a big reason for that is the necessity for “Elf decks” to have a critical mass of creatures. This Bring to Light deck doesn’t have the same minimum creature card requirements and as a result can be configured a bit differently.

Generally, the game plan is going to be to assemble some Kiki-Jiki kill combination, whether through Deceiver Exarch, Restoration Angel, or even Village Bell-Ringer!

This Five-Color Bring to Light deck can also just function as a normal midrange deck similar to Kiki-Chord. With Restoration Angel as the backbone of the deck, there is a lot of incidental value to be accrued through cards like Wall of Omens and Eternal Witness.

Glittering Wish is the secondary toolbox and gives access to a lot of pinpoint answers and additional redundant copies of our combo pieces. Notably, in post-sideboard scenarios where the deck needs to be faster and more focused, these Glittering Wish targets can be put into the maindeck, where they can be tutored up with Bring to Light!

I’m a little surprised to not see more general removal or even a sweeper in the maindeck with Bring to Light, but clearly there’s basically an infinite amount of design space available to a strategy like this, and it looks like a ton of fun. Anyone can make Glittering Light their own!

P.S. – I really don’t get the Glissa, the Traitor and Dimir Signet. Glissa makes a fair amount of sense since it is capable of essentially brick-walling any kind of rampaging Eldrazi no matter their size, but what’s up with the Dimir Signet, J65536D?

SCG Tour <sup>®</sup>Indianapolis: March 11-13!” border=”1″></a></div></p>
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