Daily Digest: Giselle, Ally Of Zendikar

Think just because Theros is no longer Standard-legal that enchantments can’t go crazy? Try again. #SCGPHILLY may not see a cooler deck this weekend than this Starfield-laden beast!

No Eidolon of Blossoms? No problem. Monastery Siege might not be the engine we want, but it’s what we have.

“Kill your stuff, kill you” is what this deck is all about, except it kind of takes its time. You might have to kill a bunch of stuff before you can
protect Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, and it might be a while until you can find a win condition with Monastery Siege. Once Sigil of the Empty Throne or
Starfield of Nyx show up though, it should be lights out quickly. Just be careful to not turn on your opponent’s removal!

Negate and Suppression Bonds are excellent cards to maindeck in a strategy like this. It looks like it has the answers to creature decks, but control and
planeswalkers in particular seem tricky. Thankfully those cards provide clean answers.

Radiant Flames is another good addition, since this deck might be weak to very fast decks like Atarka Red. It’s kind of awkward that you’d need a Radiant
Flames early enough to help in those matchups, but there’s only eight sources of red mana. The manabase likely needs some help.

I’m somewhat surprised to not see Hangarback Walker or Retreat to Emeria in this 75 since they seem right at home here. Even some Secure the Wastes could
be nice with Gideon’s anthem effect and Citadel Siege. Hell, even a Blight Herder could be nice. Those could be a nice combo finish instead of relying on
Starfield of Nyx.