Daily Digest: Fertile Aggression

With the #SCGINVI’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ on the horizon, it’d do you good to surprise the field with a forgotten deck. GerryT has a pretty good candidate in today’s Daily Digest!

If you’re looking for a Tarmogoyf deck in Modern that’s a little different, this is probably the deck for you. Life From The Loam gives you a nice engine alongside Faithless Looting and powers up your Seismic Assaults, which looks great in the format. Tarmogoyf, Countryside Crusher, and Scavenging Ooze do a lot of work even if your Assaults are getting blown up.

I’m not sure I would change a single thing about this decklist aside from maybe turning some of the Tectonic Edges into more Ghost Quarters. Decks like Tron and Infect often don’t have a fourth land in play, so Tectonic Edge isn’t completely reliable.

This deck looks great right now. Graveyard hate is at all an all-time low for Modern, and with Splinter Twin being the premier combo deck of choice, Seismic Assault seems poised to make a big comeback.