Daily Digest: Double The Ascendancies, Double The Fun!

In a Standard this diverse, you’d think we’d seen it all by now. Fortunately, that still isn’t the case, and GerryT has one today that will have you seeing double!

From the creator of the Death’s Shadow + Temur Battle Rage Modern combo deck, we have a new brew by _Matsugan, this time in Standard! It’s actually very similar to the Death’s Shadow deck in that it’s a high variance, fast aggressive deck that has a combo feel to it.
This deck has a plethora of one-drops (and even some zero-drops!), which are great with Mardu Ascendancy. If, on Turn 3, you are attacking with three creatures after playing a Mardu Ascendancy, I like your spot. Abzan Ascendancy is a way to pump all your creatures and also punish your opponent for playing mass removal. It might seem like a big strain to play four colors, but Springleaf Drum helps solve those issues. The Drum is also pretty nice for accelerating into Brutal Hordechief or one of your sideboarded Siege Rhinos.

Hyper-aggressive cards like Oppressive Rays don’t get enough love, but they do exactly what you want them to in a deck like this. Your opponent won’t be able to pay the three mana every turn when they’re getting beaten down, and if they leave the mana open, you can simply develop your board and not attack.

Is this deck good? I have no idea. Is it better than Atarka Red? I’m guessing not. Regardless, it’s a new way to do things, and perhaps someone can tune it to where it’s actually a threat.