Daily Digest: Commanding Bant

The Command cycle represents the ultimate in card flexibility. How can we utilize these to their full potential? GerryT investigates a list that does exactly that as we approach #SCGCLE!

Ojutai’s Command is a pretty powerful card, but I haven’t seen any deck that actually uses it to its full potential. Most of the suggestion I’ve seen include Satyr Wayfinder, but why can’t we just use creatures that are good?

Fleecemane Lion, Soulfire Grand Master, and Warden of the First Tree are all capable of winning the game on their own, so each of them is a nice card to return with Ojutai’s Command. I don’t think we’re ever seen those creatures together in the same deck, but it might be time.

Collected Company makes sense in a deck that needs to be full of cheap creatures. Similarly, Dromoka’s Command makes a lot of sense. End Hostilities plays well with Fleecemane Lion, and the rest of your creatures encourage your opponent to overextend.

This deck looks a little weird, but we’ve never seen anything with these building restrictions before.