Daily Digest: Collect ‘Em All

Ojutai and his gang of Dragons may be the big Standard hits from the latest set, but GerryT knows Modern is a different animal! If you’re looking for a victory at the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGPORT, you’re in good company!

My first loss at Modern States involved a lot of Collected Companies. While my opponent made Top 8, he didn’t end up winning the tournament–a different Collected Company deck did. The winning deck was Elf-based, and it has already started taking over Magic Online. Unlike previous versions of Elves, this is less of a combo deck and more of a beatdown deck. There’s a combo-like element since you’re making a bunch of mana and doing some crazy things, but ultimately you’re trying to end the game with a big attack.

You could try building the deck with a heavier combo focus, but I don’t think it’s necessary. You don’t need to deal them infinite damage or draw your deck, you just need to kill them. By playing things like Cloudstone Curio, you’re making it less likely to hit two creatures off Collected Company as well.

Chord of Calling gives you a nice toolbox, including two maindeck Spellskites. Not only do they protect your Elves from burn spells, but they’re also great against many of the combo decks in the format. The sideboard has some lifegain and removal for enchantments and artifacts, and you don’t really need much more than that.

This deck is showing a ton of potential already because it’s explosive, consistent, and resilient. It’s probably here to stay.