Daily Digest: Building A Better Storm

Legacy decks often update with fair regularity as new sets release and the format shifts… but Gerry has found an archetype that hasn’t budged much in years, and he wonders what a new take on it might look like.

I have long thought that Legacy Storm decks could be built better, or at the very least differently. If Legacy Storm aficionados see this, I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for it, but Magic (at least for me) is about discovery. A large part of that is because I feel like things should be constantly moving and evolving. With Legacy Storm, the deck hasn’t changed its overall strategy in several years, and I find it difficult to believe that we have the best possible configurations for Storm.

Today’s deck resembles a Pauper Storm deck, with a plethora of draw spells and a complete lack of Infernal Tutor and/or Lion’s Eye Diamond. Instead of setting up Infernal Tutor to Demonic Tutor for a card like Ad Nauseam or Past in Flames, this deck focuses on obtaining a critical mass of storm and mana thanks to the card drawing.

One of the nice things about this deck compared to normal Storm decks is that it’s naturally good against soft permission like Spell Pierce and Daze. If you start your main phase with seven or eight cards, it’s not difficult to get to ten storm naturally thanks to card drawing. There’s nothing specific for your opponents to counter, so naturally drawing a Tendrils of Agony should do it. You need to watch out for Stifle on the storm trigger though.

The downside is that this deck has no interaction outside of Burning Wish. Rather than being able to use discard to fight combo mirrors, this deck is pigeon-holed into being the faster combo deck, otherwise you lose. Overall, that’s not a bad thing if you actually end up being the faster deck.