Daily Digest: Brave Modern

Today’s Daily Digest moves on to the Modern format for PTQ season – and Gerry takes a closer look at attacking with white creatures, finding the unfairest way there is to attack with fair creatures. Take a look and try it out before your next PTQ!

There are some good white creatures out there. Sure, they might get overshadowed by Tarmogoyf and Wild Nacatl, but there’s still no denying it. Most of the time, those white creatures fight side by side with green ones, but why? Don’t you realize that green creatures can’t Brave the Elements?

Today’s deck is a mix of Death and Taxes, W/B Tokens, and Zoo, but I like the way it looks. Brave the Elements is an incredibly powerful yet versatile tool that not enough people take advantage of. Since each creature is white, we never have to worry about losing anything to an Anger of the Gods. As it turns out, there are some pretty good white creatures that are legal in Modern.

Steppe Lynx, Loam Lion, and Figure of Destiny provide the early beatdown. Qasali Pridemage helps you sneak in some extra damage while also dealing with problematic permanents. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Aven Mindcensor, and Tidehollow Sculler disrupt your opponent.

And who could forget possibly the best white creature of all time – Knight of the Reliquary! With an abundance of fetchlands and a mini-toolbox featuring Ghost Quarter, Sejiri Steppe, and Stirring Wildwood, Knight of the Reliquary always has a use, although most of the time that use is turning sideways to attack.

I honestly like the look of this deck. If you’re looking to play a Death and Taxes-ish deck in Modern, you should give this one a look.