Daily Digest: Bobo’s Revenge

Modern is always flirting with reanimation strategies. From Gifts Ungiven to Goryo’s Vengeance, we’ve seen a lot of graveyard monsters. But we’ve never seen anything like this!

I’ve featured some Reanimator decks in this column and I’ve featured some Life from the Loam brews, and this one is the best of both. Early on, you’ll be developing your mana and gaining some card advantage, but eventually you’ll just win out of nowhere.

Flame Jab and Raven’s Crime go hand in hand with Life from the Loam, as do cards that you’ll be more than happy to dredge into, such as Faithless Looting, Lingering Souls, and the mighty Vengeful Pharaoh. If you don’t have Life from the Loam, Faithless Looting and Mulch will do their best to find it. Eventually, you’ll find yourself with a fistful of lands and an Unburial Rites in the graveyard, ready to bring Bobo back to life.

It’s unlikely you’ll actually connect with Borborygmos Enraged since you’re not giving their removal a lot of targets, but given enough time, you can strip their hand down with Raven’s Crime. I would fully expect to just one-shot them whenever it becomes convenient though.
As with most Modern graveyard decks, the sideboard is a mishmash of Burn hate, Affinity hate, and anti-graveyard removal, such as the Grafdigger’s Cage-killing Abrupt Decay.