Daily Digest: Blight Herder Control

Blight Herder is too powerful to not be at home in some deck or another, and Michael Majors may have found the pilot that brewed up how to make it happen for #SCGINDY!

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<p><a href=Blight Herder is a ridiculously powerful card that up until this point hasn’t had much of a home. Klambaz has made a real effort to maximize the seemingly overlooked Eldrazi threat by packing this B/W Control deck full of process enablers.

In the past we’ve seen Eldrazi decks with some processing engines, typically with cards like Wasteland Strangler, but this list goes all-out by even including Grave Birthing and maindeck Hallowed Moonlight!

With all of these incidental exile effects and Hallowed Moonlight, the Rally matchup is sure to be favorable here, and our top end even involves Ugin, the Spirit Dragon to deliver the nail in the coffin.

Filling out the rest of the middle of the curve are Thought-Knot Seer and Oblivion Sower. The former is fairly standard fare, but we haven’t seen much of Oblivion Sower outside of Modern. The powerful Eldrazi is relevant here for pushing the deck towards eight mana and playing with the various utility lands, but Oblivion Sower is also just very large and capable of going tentacle-to-hoof with any assorted Rhinos.

The sideboard here is mostly about helping out with randomly problematic permanents and quick creature rushes with Duress as a fine support card to bridge the deck into the late-game.

Notably, very few elements of this deck actually rotate out when Shadows over Innistrad hits Standard and that has me wondering if Klambaz might be preparing a little bit in advance. The rotation doesn’t hurt so much when the best deck in the format looks to be a good matchup already!

SCG Tour <sup>®</sup>Indianapolis: March 11-13!” border=”1″></a></div></p>
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