Daily Digest: Black Zoo

Zoo decks have always been assumed to be green, for whatever reason, but if the metric you’re shooting for is not “raw size” but instead favors a different characteristic, another color might rise to prominence. Check out this unusual take at Tribal Zoo!

The Norwegian brewmaster returns! Many of you newer players might not remember Wefald, but he was quite the deckbuilder back in the day. It appears the Modern Festival brought him back into the fold, and he didn’t disappoint.

His deck is a Tribal Flames-based aggro deck that doesn’t feature green. Instead, it has a package of creatures with Protection from Red that are quite hateful in this format full of Lightning Bolts. Geist of Saint Traft also performs that role admirably. Bloodsoaked Champion, while a little on the anemic side, does its job shrugging off Bolts as well.

The sideboard contains a nice control package for the times when your opponent is actually not playing red. Instead, you can load up on Grim Lavamancers and Supreme Verdicts to control the board while Outpost Siege gives you a bunch of extra cards.

I tried this deck a little bit on stream Tuesday and wasn’t impressed with the deck overall. However, Tribal Flames, Crackling Doom, Geist of Saint Traft and Snapcaster Mage all looked great together. The Protection from Red package was mostly embarrassing against decks that didn’t care about it, making me wonder why I wasn’t playing “real” cards.

Still, if you’re expecting a bunch of Lightning Bolts, you could certainly do worse.