Daily Digest: Barely Modern

GerryT has found a U/W/R list he likes! No big surprise there, but what may surprise you is the nature of this little tempo beast. Give it a test run before the Modern IQ at #SCGDAL!

Is this a Standard deck with some fetchlands? Well, it’s pretty close.

Brimaz and Stormbreath Dragon are powerful cards, but they are often overshadowed by Modern staples Geist of Saint Traft and Thundermaw Hellkite. Honestly,
they are comparable enough to where whichever you choose depends on the expected metagame. For example, Brimaz is likely better against decks with Kitchen
Finks, such as Birthing Pod, whereas Stormbreath Dragon dodges Path to Exile. Brimaz also works well with Anger of the Gods.

U/W/R has been a favorite among the Modern crowd, but right now it looks like a creature-heavy version is best. Being able to close games is underrated,
especially since it’s nearly impossible to gain complete control in Modern. You’re always a topdecked Birthing Pod or Etched Champion away from being
killed, so it’s better to limit the amount of draw steps you give your opponents.

Other than that, this deck looks fairly typical. It is more aggressive, so cards like Burst Lightning, Lightning Helix, and the sideboarded Molten Rains
are more valuable. In fact, this deck eschews counterspells completely in favor of more burn. That’s a plan I can kind of get behind, but I’d be slightly
worried about my combo matchup.